Monday, February 02, 2009

Plankenstein's Monster

Holy, er, ligneous substances! I see the lovely Receiver of Wreck, Alison Kentuck, has made a huge pile down at the port here in the Cannes of Kent!

Although quite how secure it is from local white van men is questioned by an email I received yesterday:

I was doing my bit for the local economy earlier today (Sunday) by frequenting Churchills Public House. From the window you can see down into the harbour and you can see the piles of wood that have been recovered from the beaches.

Having been told by one of the contractors that the wood was utterly worthless and no good for anything, I was surprised to see some ant-like figures in yellow vests crawling all over the pile. Who would be paying them to crawl all over piles of trash? But next to the piles were two ******* lorries and one of them was piled up with wood. As I watched it became clear that the figures in yellow were sorting the useless wood out.

It wood appear that it may not all be useless after all. Now, I can't say that the yellow-jackets worked for *******, nor can I say that the timber being loaded onto the back of their lorries is destined for use in the building trade. But I wood like to know what they were doing with it. Presumably, they will be telling the Receiver of Wrecks which bits they took and giving them back to the Receiver if he/she so wishes?

I've ****ed the identity of the local building supplies company there, as I, er, woodn't want to get anyone into any kind of trouble.

Still, it's heartwarming to know that Timberland continues to attract visitors to this beautiful part of the world. And it's not the only attraction we have down at the port. Here's a shot of The Big Wheel(ie Bin Maze):


Anonymous said...

Surely the wood will have to go when the first Euroferries passengers will arrive.
You can't have them crawling over the piles of wood can you...

Anonymous said...

Wood these be mice at work removing the wood?

Peter Checksfield said...

I went for a stroll along the beach from Margate to Broadstairs today, & there's still LOTS of wood between Kingsgate Bay & Stone Beach!

S.M.E.G said...

Peter, the life you lead.

one minute strumming a guitar in a leather waistcoat, the next taking pictures of a nubile young thanet lovely, and rounding it off with a mid afternoon stroll on the beach.

Tell me - how do you fund such a lavish lifestyle? thanet Earth? Manston pilot? Thor Chemicals taste-tester? Do they experiment on you at Pfizer?

Whatever it is, let me know. I'm very jealous

stargazer said...

Many more thousands being wasted on wheelie bins that blow over and spread all their contents along the highway,to add insult to injury they are coming in from abroad by the looks of it.All that was needed was a reinforced bag,of various colours to denote household or recyclable,this would speed up collections and enable stinking waste to be collected weekly,also garden waste could be taken again,no good Sandy saying people with no gardens should not have to pay towards these collections,I don't have a dog but I have to pay towards dog crap collections,our council have followed the other councils like sheep.