Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Four Legs Bad

What more appropriate symbol for a county led by old skool Tory duffers and self-serving stuffed shirts than this £2m 'Donkey of the South', unveiled today! Standing 5000 metres tall, this, er, artwork will greet drivers on the A2 just as they enter the Patio of England.

One consolation is that it surely won't be long before some Kentish wag dumps a 400 ton pile of horse manure at the arse end, and chops its moon-sized knackers off with a chainsaw. Still, at least there was a Margate angle - our very own, lovely Victoria Pomery was chair of the judges that chose it. Although some critics might argue she's already done enough to redistribute your taxpayers' wonga by curating that future white elephant at this end of the county - the Turnip Centre!

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Anonymous said...

Now that she has been involved in choosing a white horse and looking after a white elephant, will the lovely Victoria be wanting to go for a hatrick with say, a white mouse/dog/cat or baboon? I think we should be told!

Eastcliff Richard said...

Well if she thought that donkey thing was a winner, she'd be better off with a white stick if you ask me!

Anonymous said...

Is the electric fence to stop it running away in shame?
It will not stay white for long,so who pays for cleaning and upkeep of the beast?
How much will it cost to feed and what will they do with all the horseshit?we do not want any-TDC and SMEG give us enough of that.

Anonymous said...

A white horse went into a pub and ordered a double whisky.

"What sort", asked the barmaid, "We got Famous Grouse, Whyte and Mackay, Grants, Bells, Teachers and even one named after you"

"Oooooh how flattering", said the White Horse, "In that case make it a double Cecil"

S.M.E.G said...

no shit from us, just facts

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that Smeggers yawn ....

So the barmaid says

"Were you Christianed Cecil then white horse"

"oooh no luv" says Cecil the white horse "I am from a long line of nagnostics"

Royston Robertson said...

I was living in the North East when they were planning the Angel of the North. Many people voiced their opposition in much the same way as is being done here ... "costs too much, it won't stay looking like an Angel once the vandals have had a go at it, someone'll strip it for scrap metal" etc.

We all know what happened. Everyone went, Ooooh, it's a great big statue! For us?! They fell in love with it and took it to their hearts. I wouldn't rule out that happening here.

Anonymous said...

Well I think It is really lovely and very well done it is beautiful(I find the electricity pylons ugly and offensive)not this magnificent horse..

Anonymous said...

Um, it is just a photoshop of a horse in a field. Not the actual plans. I am not aware there are any plans. Nobody knows what it will look like eventually.

I agree with Royston about the Angel of the North though. What I think people here are disappointed with is that the Angel was bold and innovative. This is just a model of a horse. If the photoshop's anything to go by.

Also Kent already has a prancing horse as its county emblem - Invicta. Presumably that was considered too male and aggressive for the luvvies that are in charge of this project.

Anonymous said...

It IS the horse-not just plans.mark wallinger won the competion to build it and THAT is what it is going to look like.I also think It is Magnificent..

Anonymous said...

Once all the concrete foxhounds are in place around it then the image should be just fine.

Further down the hill a fox arse disappearing down a hole with a couple of concrete Jack Russel terriers hanging off its bollix.

A huge Churchill dog with a public address system "Fookin Southern softies".

Concrete beagles having a crafty fag.

A concrete dole queue outside a dole office offering numeracy and literacy training.

A concrete V sign waving Victoria Pomeroy clad in public sector money but for a bit of cheek and nipple.

And a giant white horse depicting a viagra testing session.

It is about conveying a message.

Anonymous said...

A rearing horse would be better.

Anonymous said...

A horse walks into a bar and orders a whiskey and soda. The barman says you have a whiskey named after you ...what Eric, the Horse responded.