Thursday, February 12, 2009

Manston Pickle

Apologies for the lacuna, but the Freeview SuperRoulette channel called me in to do a couple of overnight stints at the last minute. Well, you've got to pay the lecky bill somehow!

With just a couple of hours to go in my Big Manston Poll, it seems the Wantsum Want-Nots have carried the day ahead of tonight's council meeting. Unless there's a last minute surge from the Wants. So that's a slightly underwhelming 'No' to BA World Cargo's arm-twisting tactics to get night flying extended over the Millionaires' Playground.

Still, if I was a local MP or councillor with a marginal seat, I'd be worried by even a few percentage points one way or t'other, wouldn't you?

Meanwhile I see the chairman of the Chas'n'Dave International Airport Consultative Committee has come out in favour of more time to think about BA World Cargo's proposals. Click here to read his letter on Councillor Nottingham's blog. Interestingly, I see Cllr N has just changed the headline of that story from 'Manston - How To Bounce People' to the rather more anodyne 'Manston - A Late Submission'. I wonder why?


Anonymous said...

Anyone else get woken this morning at sparrow-fart by a jumbo coming in to Manston? Must have been 530am, that better not become a regular thing!

Anonymous said...

(1) Manston Expansion Noise Nuisance

(2) Manston Benzene levels (see Tim Garbutt's blog)

(3) Thanet Earth no environmental impact study

(4) Environment Agency team investigating if Pfizer process pipe and vessel welds are sub standard.

(5) No response from TDC about their research into anthrax burials at Westwood over which Westwood Cross is now built.

(6) Sericol remediation project Environment Agency state that the cyclohexonanone contamination will be a threat to the aquifer for years to come.

(7) Double the average rate of ectopic pregnancy.

(8) Thor solvent and mercury aquifer contamination and remediation

(9) No risk assessment re Sericol remediation and Poorhole Lane plague pits

(10) A council classed as amongst the worst four in country

(11) A Police Force who could not aspire to being Keystone cops

(12) Unsolved murders like that of David O Leary in which Kent Police seem still to be chasing their initial exclusive theory that it was a gangland hit by a professional assassin .... dear oh dear.

Must remember to look up Thanet property prices.

Anonymous said...

Oh and the CGP share price.

Anonymous said...

6.23 - all seems to boil down to low IQ levels at local councillor level - not sure though whether that is a cause or effect.

Anonymous said...

I was woken by the early arrival. I would advise anyone woken to submit a formal complaint. Demand to know how much it was fined. You'll love the answer.

Anonymous said...

Can we have a poll as to how many people who voted are retired hence don't need work and hence (probably) paid off their mortgage? Work generated by airports expands deep into a community and surrounding areas, its not all airport based and involves logistics companies, engineering, cleaning, catering, rubber suppliers through to manafacturers (aircraft tyres), Fire systems, safety systems, electrical, construction, maintenance, civil servants, Police, security, hydraulic maintenance, infrastructure and construction, civil engineering, health and safety, consultants, IT, baggage handling automative, cargo systems, fuel suppliers, paint manafacturers, travel agents, etc etc, you get the drift. Jobs are created by airports and its jobs we need across the UK hence why I find it especially selfish of retired people who have had most of their life, sucked the best out the UK over the last 4 decades and left younger people with nothing.

Anonymous said...

I am not retired. I am loaded and represent the future of Ramsgate. The airport is a total nightmare. Close it now you short sighted ignorant doll scroungers.

Anonymous said...

8.07pm, its the council that smell if piss and like Werthers Originals, not the foward thinking, anti-airport brigade.

Anonymous said...

The last 40 years cannot possibly be summed up so simplisticly. They have produced a great amount of hardship for a very broad swathe of UK citizens. There has been much social and economic change, from which many communities have never recovered. The so called 'Boom Times' have generally passed most people by. It is during these times that long-term job security began to vanish. The manipulation of words and numbers to hide the real unemployment figures began long ago. People were sucked into pension, housing, and shares schemes, and many got badly stung.
Services in communities disappeared as Local Authorities were denied sufficient funding. Actually, for many people the quality of life changed for the worse.
During this time we also saw a gradual understanding of the seriousness of environmental issues, toward which empirical science had long been pointing. One is no longer dismissed as a layabout hippie if one has concerns about the environmental and health implications of planning decisions. No, today one is berated for being retired. So, no respect for those who have survived then?

mnottingham said...

ECR I changed the post because I scan read the item in haste and thought it was KIA(Infratil) who wanted a late submission and to speak to cllrs at the meeting. Having posted I realised it was KIACC and hence changed the title.

That's the problem when you get bounced with late disclosure like on Manston you can jump to conclusions because you have such low expectations....

Anonymous said...

STOP PRESS: Plane crashes into house five minutes from landing in NY state. Could this be Ramsgate in a few years?

Anonymous said...

You idiot! Plane crashes are so uncommon. You are literally a hundred thousand times more likely to die in a car crash than in a plane crash. Douchebag.