Monday, February 02, 2009

No Snow Business

With the rest of the UK grinding to a halt under 30 metre snow drifts, and our capital shut (apart from the Chinese takeaways), how lucky we are here in the Millionaires' Playground to enjoy such a Mediterranean microclimate!

As you can see from the photo I took this morning of the dates growing in the back yard at the old cliff top mansion, we've been barely troubled by the white stuff. Indeed, as I toddled down to the Costcutter earlier for my copy of Gra*ia, happy, tanned Thanetians were promenading in the balmy breeze, clad only in their traditional Primark T shirts and shorts, needing only a tin or two of Kronenburg 1664 to warm their cockles!

Surely we should be publicising our unique climate a bit more? After all, why build pebbly snowmen in Brighton when you could live here and sunbathe topless, making sandcastles on our lovely, sandy beach!


Anonymous said...

Yes we should be marketing our microclimate. get on to the expert on the spot and ask him to write some garbledygook on the subject.

Anonymous said...

well i think we should start 4x4 rallies and get more planes into Manston asap, that should warm it up nicely :0

Just wondering if they are being charged the £5 per metre per week marina fee for storage of all that wood ?!?