Thursday, February 19, 2009

Recession? What Recession?

Although I'm perfectly happy with the old Toyota Priapus, I'm always on the lookout for a motoring bargain. And let's face it, there are plenty of cars which do better on the mpg than the Toyota these days.

Which is why I was pootling around the interfrangle just now, scanning the motors on the Teletext site. I must say, I was surprised to see our local Invicta asking 48 big ones for a Ford Ka. Haven't they heard there's a credit crunch on?


ascu75 aka Don said...

Richard thats the price when you buy them by the dozen silly billy

Michael Child said...

As my old Vovo estate broke permanently last Thursday I bought a replacement Y reg one today £600 7 seater air con, tow hook, full MOT, just serviced.

ascu75 aka Don said...

sounds good to me I love Volvos unfortunatly can no longer aford to run one its not the cars fault its the price of petrol

Bishop of Bath & Wells said...

Jesus Christ Don what was you doing when it was £1.35 per litre? Its 88pence now you tight wad.

Anonymous said...

Much better than Tim, thanks

Anonymous said...

Posted on Thanet Strife

Apologies for the late response to your posting on 8 Feb, but I have been on a short hol.

You should be more balanced in your reporting of events. Cllr Clark was also found to be offensive and disrepectful by the Standards Board,, and the allegation was not brought as a counter claim by his wife. My understanding is that she has never involved the standards board for the months of bullying and harrasment that she went through, instead she involved her union.

I have to agree with other bloggers comments that had the boot been on the other foot, then the Labour Party Political Machine would have been baying for blood, but someone seems to have unplugged it on this occasion. It would appear that the Cllr in question even went to ground and wouldn't assist in any preliminary investigation.

I also believe that it took over a year and a half for this matter to be resolved, and it was only when the unions threatened action that it was brought to a conclusion, wherein Mrs E recieved an apology for the behaviour of said Cllr.

You have every right to blog your opinons BB, but just make sure that they are balanced. "Mauwice" may say things that he shouldn't at times, but at least he is up front, not sneaking around in the background, having nasty little jibes at people over a matter of months. Incidently, this matter with Mrs E had, apparently, been logged some time before the WG fiasco, so it could hardly be called retaliation.

Methinks " Mauwice" may have been set up at the WG to react, funny that, just before the elections!!

Anonymous said...

Is it right that a non-judicial, bought and paid for body of the state should judge elected councillor behaviour ?

The Thanet history seems to be of taking to the Standards Board matters which would not stand up in a Civil or Criminal Court.

And presumably without any risk to the complainant's own pocket.

Getting back to the thread theme.

If we can afford a Standards Board paid for by the taxpayer then obviously we are not in a recession. Publicly financed waste would have to be pruned, in a real recession, and first to go should be the Standards Board.

It is so irksome when people stray off thread isn't it ECR ?