Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tim For A Change?

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So Tim Garbutt, Ramsgate ad man and restaurateur, has declared himself the 'Green Independent' parliamentary candidate for South Thanet. As such he'll be up against Dr Steve Ladyman MP (Lab), Laura Sandys (Con), Gerry O'Donnell (People First), Uncle Tom Cobbly (Lugworm Diggers First), Anne All (Ice Cream Sellers First, Poodle Trimmers Second, Window Cleaners Third, 7/2 bar) and... er... Not that the general election has even been called yet, you understand.

Anyhoo, Tim's policies include closing Chas 'n' Dave International Airport and sealing it off with a police guard, seizing Infartil's assets, and withdrawing airport boss, Kiwi Matt Clarke's passport pending a police statement from him on alleged pollution breaches. Oh, and he'll sack Sandy and Deputy Rodge, TDC Chief Exec Richard Samuel and planning boss Brian White.

Well, although it might all sound a bit OTT, I'm surprised to find myself in total agreement with Tim's policies! Right, must dash now. There's a couple of baskets left to weave, and it's been ages since I watered the brains!

Click here to read Tim Garbutt's manifesto


Anonymous said...

What was the name of that children's game when you made faces up out of cards with eyes, spectacles, nose, mouth, hair etc?

Anyhow - stick it up 'em Timmy Boy!

Anonymous said...

Mr Potato Head.

Good enough for me though.

Michael Child said...

After the last national elections the when the Conservatives won Thanet South, some of the local Conservatives I know who attributed this to the TDC cabinet and considered standing against the cabinet members in the locals as independents, on the basis that neither would get in.

With a Green, UKIP and an independent standing in the next election I wonder what effect this will have on the voting for the two main party candidates.

I once considered standing as the raving lunatic candidate, but knowing the people here I decided not to in case I got elected, as MP

Sane Ramsgate resident said...

I'd vote for you or ECR any day Michael, you are one of the sanest people in Ramsgate (apart from me of course)

Anonymous said...

I knew it was a mistake to close the mental health unit at Margate

Jeremy said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Typical Anti-Manston Campaigner said...

I take great offense at that remark Jeremy.

Jeremy said...

What's an American doing on this blog?

Anonymous said...

So Jeremy, you are a TDC official eh? Who would have guessed? Having an in depth knowledge of the airport was a great cover......

Anonymous said...


Nietzsche Was Right. The question is not why modern secularists (Infratil) oppose traditional morality (Us in Ramsgate defending our rights to a quiet G&T on the terrace); it is on what grounds they (TDC) defend any morality.

Rob said...

This should be a chuckle... at least having a candidate who states that closing the airport as one of his top prioritise should put to bed once and for all just what percentage of South Thanet is pro/anti KIA.

Could it be the end for SMEG!

Michael Child said...

2.44 to misquote another chap. Cogito, ergo perplexus (I think therefore I am confused) the main reason Manston is cheaper is that the are not complying to their 106 agreement putting all of our health at risk, now expansion there has passed the threshold where it has to have an environmental impact assessment which will mean a tougher 106.

No oil interceptor on the main runway with the plan to contain the fuel spillage in the event of an air accident on the main runway, it’s just laughable a 747 holds about 50,000 gallons of fuel.

Anonymous said...

You and your flippin' water table worries! It is just as likely that a high level airways jet, of which hundreds fly over Thanet daily, crashes and dumps its fuel over the cabbage fields. Aircraft at all airports with restrictions, due to delays or weather etc. have to break the rules sometimes. (they cannot park on clouds and wait for opening time you know)

Anonymous said...

747 holds about 50,000 gallons of fuel

Not when parked at Manston it doesn't!
What is the capacity of a petrol tanker? Dozens of which drive past the airport weekly on their way in and out of Thanet?

Anonymous said...

Apols to Joni Mitchell -

'They paved paradise,
put up an Aeroflot'

Anonymous said...

I an Independent Green not just an uppity cabbage? I propose Mad Rick as his agent. Dream Ticket.

Anonymous said...

I can't even spell 'is'. I'm standing for parliament.

Anonymous said...

Tim Garbutt is a self seeking prat - has done nothing for Ramsgate -and how he can hold himself as an example of the type of person Ramsgate wants is beyond me - vote for the Prats party - there are many in thanet

Michael Child said...

3.42 As far as I can find out at other airports they comply with their 106 pay the fines when they have to break it in Thanet they don’t. I find it strange as to why anyone would approve of this situation.

I have a largish aviation section in my bookshop about 40 shelves not even the aviation enthusiasts I speak to are happy about this situation. Fortunately planes seldom drop out of the sky most of them get a chance to get to an airport somewhere to attempt an emergency landing.

Bertie Biggles said...

I am pleased that Tim is prepared to consider himself as another prospective candidate for Thanet South; he is prepared to put his deposit money where his mouth is. The more hysterical the 'attacks' on him are, the greater the indication that the Labour and Tory faithful are worried that a 'protest' vote for Tim, will upset the cosy predictions for a Thanet South held by Dr Ladyman or won by Laura. All Tim now needs to do is find a friendly farmer to allow distracting bill-board posters of him to be placed alongside a few roads.

Sir Humphrey said...

I don't doubt Tim's passion for his causes so on that note good luck to him but I feel there is a certain naivety within his rhetoric that will require a great deal of (expensive) lobbying, especially where pro-airport lobbyists, i.e. representing commercial and political concerns will easily outflank a newbie politician (I presume Tim has no previous local or central Governmental experience). Just saying I'll do this, I'll do that, isn't how politics works, you walk a very tight rope between many factions and interests and what seems an obvious solution often isn't due to conflicts of interest, regulatory control, so on and so forth. The public's informed decision is often nowhere near as 'informed' as they think due to the sensitivity of releasing information, whether it be private commercial or political policy. Being a politician requires credibility which is why I was amazed at reading about one local politician updating his blog via use of a blackberry during a recent council meeting concerning night flights when he should have been concentrating on the debate in the Chamber. Update your blog afterwards. You wouldn't see it in the 'House'.

Anonymous said...

"As far as I can find out at other airports they comply with their 106"

Most airports do not have a Section 106 Agreement. They have planning permission to be an airport and conditions have been attached to that planning permission. When the terminal building was contructed there were strict planning conditions. A document called a Section 50 was attached to the planning permission and this stipulated that there should be no night flights at all. Unfortunately, in their wisdom(sic) the Council tore up this document and replaced it with the unenforceable Section 106 Agreement. Dr. Ladyman wrote to numerous of his constituents (including me) telling us how this Section 106 would protect us. I still have the letter he wrote. Now that he has changed his tune and is supporting night flights perhaps he would care to comment on what he wrote?

Anonymous said...

Was Rick right about Sericol ?


Was Rick right about Thor ?


Was Rick right about the EKMT legacy not declared to Charity Commission ?


Was Rick right about Pfizer ?

Looks like it

Was Rick right about petbow Cummins ?


Was Rick right about the 6th Thanet Gun Range activity ?


Did Rick bring about changes of electrical supply regs for hospitals ?


Was Rick right, ahead of 22.9.89, to raise threat warnings on Deal Barracks ?


Was Rick right to raise warnings via a tory govt minister and Jonathan Aitken that IRA would try to attack mains electricity in 96 ?


And what exactly is your record of unto thine own self being true and, whilst all may ridicule, of going ahead and proving yourself right little anon of 4 39 You fecking throbber.

Why don't you try facing Rick with your stupid facile comments and he would rip your ribs out and stick them sideways up your Thanet arse.

Stop Manston Expansion Group said...

6.56pm, we'd love to see a copy of that letter. Please email it to us.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Sorry Jeremy - this is not HIGNFY and you are not Paul Merton.

Here is your 2:44pm comment with the possibly defamatory (IMO) bit blanked out:

Nietzsche was wrong: God is not dead. Garbutt's vanity knows no bounds. Is he -----, or permanently -----? Check the times of his postings. Does he have any self-awareness?

Anyone that says Ostende airport is 20 miles from Manston is a buffoon.

His feelings towards TDC officials are reciprocated.

He is a typical anti-Manston campaigner.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, no sensible comment to make, still wetting myself with laughter!!

Anonymous said...

Working through the comments, well the ones I understood anyway, all I can say is:
Traditionally I believe Labour voters are more easily deflected from their original politics than Conservative when alternative candidates are fielded by multiple parties.
So the overall effect could be a win for that ultimate toe the party liner and damm the residents- Ladyman.

Personally I would have a problem voting Green as I would be a hypocrite.Perhaps I should stand myself, from 5000 miles away here in sunny Florida (so much nicer than mosquito infested Panama) I can be more objective?

Pollution at Manston has never been the same level as during WW2 when they used to flood trenches down the sides of the runway with 5000 gallons of petrol and light it to burn off the fog - thus enabling a plane to land and saving the crew and aircraft in
the fight against Hitler.
Sometimes pollution may be justified. It was called FIDO.
Anyway that's in the past.

Anyone else who undertakes to get rid of TDC Officers and a few of the other Fat Cats who have their noses in the trough in the First Class seats on the Gravy Train would get my vote, postal though it might be.

Oh and Ostende Airport is a bit further than 20 miles from Manston but is better placed for European cargo as it doesn't have to cross the Channel en route to its European destinations, where the majority of longhaul cargo tends to end up.

I do support Manston but it must follow the rules, it needs to be an overall benefit to Fannit.

Sorry about the overflying of ECR's mansion, they need to route those planes out to sea, not over towns.

I have been told but do not know if it is true that airspace over Manston actually falls under French Air Traffic Control as its so close to France. Anyone know if this is true? If so then we are truly bu*****d.

Mike, where its only 7.57pm

Anonymous said...

Sorry folks, just reread my post and I meant to say a LOSS for Ladyman, and that would be a WIN for SANDYS.
I got a bit confused there, time for another Mojito!

Mike, from the land where its always 5 o'clock somewhere.

West Cliff GB said...

Forgive me,

I've just driven back from a meet & greet in the City, hence the late post.

Anyone seen the flying doctor's posts on SMEG? I may be imagining things, but is Simon Moores now talking about himself in the third-person? What does this mean?

The affix 'Doctor' is stomach-churning enough (Harvard, Yale , MIT, even GP? - thought not) but maybe the noblesse oblige idea has somehow taken root.

In an age when people are crying out for a new Conservative Party or any form of political nous, we get lumbered with this effort.

Anyone fancy an article on stuff???

Or an advertising hoarding flown out of Manston?


Anonymous said...

A minor point here but technically, South Thanet at the next election would be classed as a Tory seat so if Sandys were to win it would be a Tory hold but if Ladyman wins it's a Labour gain.

No, I'm not mad -it's all to do with boundary changes whereby Cliftonville is included so the voting patterns say S. Thanet is a Tory seat whenever the election is called. Mind you, I'm not sure if the good folk of Cliftonville have cottoned on to the fact that Roger Gale will no longer represent them.

Anonymous said...

I know we have an ex-con in the lords

but are ex-cons now able to stand for election as MP's?

Anonymous said...


Lets all stand and split the independent vote even more shall we?

Whether you like Gerry O'D or not, POOR OLD Gerry does all the hard work for years so DIM TIM can come along for the last 5 minutes and split the independent vote on a whim for local fame! Does time pay?

PEOPLE such as DIM TIM will always come along and make sure that the big boys and girls are always elected.. Poor old Gerry!

Only the big 2 candidates can gain from this very daft ego driven move BY DIM TIM.



WANTED: candidates to weaken the independent vote:

MUST be either a leader of of non-political party thats registered as a political party or an ex-con with a big ego and no idea how an election is actually won!

Anonymous said...

Most jobs require police checks, credit checks etc etc.


Criminal record? Bankrupt? No problem. In you come. Front bench ok for you? Peerage?

Bertie Biggles said...

9.54, it seems that you are implying that Tim is an 'ex-con' on the basis of a small amount of time working off a 'contempt of court'spat with a judge whilst engaged in a Civil Matter over the use of the word Sincerity. Your implication in your posting does you discredit.

I believe this incident does Tim credit; the best Senior naval Officers were always those who at some stage in their career had incurred the displeasure of The Lords of The Admiralty.

Jeremy said...

Let's get this straight. Bargutt names individuals that should be considered for prosecution. I query his mental capacity and sobriety, and am told that my comments could be defamatory.

Anonymous said...

Its up to the public to decide Bertie and they are not as daft as you seem to think they are.

The following is taken from YOURTHANET

Tim Garbutt, founder and managing director of advertising firm Sincerity Agency, has just been released from six weeks in jail, having been given a six-month sentence for contempt of court.

Anonymous said...

An ex-con is an ex-non, no matter how (PW) Bertie trys to dress it up

Feeling nauseous said...

Can you please post something new asap ECR so the first thing I see is not Tim Garbutt - thanks!

Jean said...

Old Timmy went up in my estimation when he got sent down for sticking to his principles. (They are, of course, *his* principles, not mine, but never the less, fair play).

And what a colourful sense of humour he brings to politics too! Not before time.

I think I like him. (Though not like *that*, of course).

Eastcliff Richard said...

Let's get this straight. Bargutt names individuals that should be considered for prosecution. I query his mental capacity and sobriety, and am told that my comments could be defamatory.

Yes, that's right Jeremy. Of course, it's only my opinion that what you said might be considered defamatory, but as it's my blog it's my opinion that counts.

If Tim wants to go casting wild nasturtiums on his blog, that's up to him. I presume he's prepared to, er, carry the watering can for them as he appears to be a man of, let us say, very strong principles.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone still believe in GO'D?

Sorry Gerry :)

Jeremy said...

I see Bargutt's latest masterpiece (posted at 03:05) continues with his assertion that Ostende is 20 miles from Thanet.

Has anyone seen what condition he's in at that time? Or is he worse during the day?

Anonymous said...


A feature of blogging software is the functionality to automatically time posts.

But I'm glad you're clearly a man of sobriety - wouldn't want a p*sshead flying over my house would I?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how far Ostend actually is from Thanet? The Germans had an airfield there during WW1.

Anonymous said...

I'd say 70 miles at a rough guess. At least.

Jeremy said...

70 miles is spot on.

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for Tim. He can't be any worse than the Punch and Judy show we have now. And what better way to show your dissatisfaction with the state of Thanet than by electing a reactionary candidate?

Come on. Persuade me that the mainstream candidates would make a difference to my life if I voted for one of them? I haven't see Ladyman do anything for the area in the time he's been there and Sandys seems to have been parachuted in by Central Office. I never see her down the pub. The pair of them seem determined to sacrifice Ramsgate to night-flights.

Green, my ar*se said...


How can bringing a wife from Thailand, along with loads of recipe books and spices and possibly babies and what not be the actions of someone with a low carbon footprint? To the real green party, isn't there a chance he will undermine their vote and risk them losing their deposit?

Anyway, I assume Tim has served less than a year in jail in the last five years or he wouldn't be allowed to run.

He's a funny man but I just don't think that he can put his own ego to one side enough to put the people first. His mouth is even bigger than Chris Wells' but at least Chris has the decency to try to hide it with a beard.

JP said...

Er, I'm not sure bringing Tim's wife into this is the decent thing to do. 'He's been to Thailand and fallen in love so he can't be green'. Odd argument that one and I have failed to understand it.

Under normal circumstances I wouldn't vote for Tim but he's the only prospective candidate that opposes the airport, citing environmental reasons. These aren't tree hugging issues they're right over our heads and in our back gardens, even on our very beaches and in our bays. And they're environmental issues that TDC has singularly failed to address.

So I might just vote for Tim. What have I got to lose?

Anonymous said...

People that have a need to control, have to buy their way into relationships!

Anonymous said...

The more abuse that is directed at Tim the more I'm inclined to vote for him. He's got to be doing something right if they stoop to hurling insults at him. It usually means they can't provide a sensible counter to the points he's making.

As for the appalling remarks about his wife, how could anybody agree with making anonymous personal attacks of this sort? I would advise the coward who is making those remarks, under the cloak of anonymity, to apologise and then crawl back off into their hole.

I think everybody should insist that the other candidates deal with the very reasonable points Tim is making. For example, why is it acceptable for the Council to impose night-flights on the people of Ramsgate without consultation and without any consideration of the likely impact? Is there some reason why this point shouldn't be properly discussed? I thought we lived in a democracy.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, its amusing you get all excited and get your atlas out when Tim quotes 20 miles to Ostend, but take "22 flights = 412 jobs" without so much as a whimper from our supine council.

Cast, snap, reel 'em in.....

Anonymous said...

Just a thought, Tim was sentenced to 6 months 'Holiday'. I think that rules him out of being elected for anything other than loonie of the year

Stop the loonies said...

He gets my vote on that one

Anonymous said...

I think Archer and Aitken were sentenced for a lot longer and for real crimes. It didn't stop them from standing for anything. Anyway, as far as I'm aware Tim just got on the wrong side of a judge. He was never found guilty of anything. He wasn't on trial.

Michael Child said...

5.53 Lord Archer, really, did you follow the case perchance, that is one that some of the Labour party members I know are still hanging their heads over.

Anonymous said...

I thought Archer was a Tory? I thought the Labour lot would have been whooping with joy to see him sent down.