Friday, February 20, 2009

Heritage Schmeritage

Those of you who've been following me on Twatter will know that I've been laid low with the lurgy yet again. Must be something in the Thanet water.

However, I'm still dragging myself to the computer at least once a day to bring you the latest news nibbles and frankly yes I do deserve at least a medal if not a flaming knighthood. Through the paracetamol haze, I see the excellent Margate Architecture blog is reporting yet more unauthorised destruction of Thanet heritage by a cowboy developer. The historic buildings in Reeves Yard, owned by local estate agent Roger Crittenden and the oldest industrial buildings in Margate, have been demolished without so much as a 'by your leave'. Quite how our beloved council let's people get away with this type of behaviour is beyond me. One can only imagine it's down to gross incompetence, or brown envelopes stuffed full of fifties changing hands.

Today's news is reminiscent of the way the Marina Restaurant met its maker here on Ramsgate front. On which topic, my spies tell me that the owners now have until the end of November to restore the building otherwise it'll be compulsorily purchased by TDC. A new design for the extension has been submitted which is much more in keeping with the building's Grade II listed status (see below), but it has yet to go before the planning committee. Why is it that I get the feeling it'll still be a pile of rubble in twenty years time?

Click here to go to UK Planning website (application L/TH/09/0052)


Anonymous said...

Ah - so that's why there is such a shortage of brown envelopes in Thanet - TDC have a monopoly

Anonymous said...

Corruption in TDC? Never!

These people put themselves forward, driven by only a desire to help the people of Thanet, the thought of self advancement never, never entered their minds

Anonymous said...


Did you know that the new logo of Thanet is a Brown envelope flying rampant - and the motto "Bung Island"

ascu75 aka Don said...

IS that a picture of a plan for the end of the pier? a new mansion for you Richard ?

Anonymous said...

If you could identify the freaks posting above you could get your own thick wad from TDC ECR. Am sure they would love to take these boys and girls to the cleaners.

Anonymous said...

And have you seen the mess that other well known pillar of society Farmer Friend of the Northdown Conservation Area is making of his patch?

Avid supporter Iris thinks he is the bees knees, but pop down and have a butchers and you will see that he shouldn't be left in charge of a cabbage patch, let alone a piece of our most treasured heritage.

And to think there are some that think the council should return Northdown House to him - with Iris leading the charge.

Anonymous said...

Talking about Iris and her mate farmer Friend 2;35PM, wasn't it Iris and her chums who gave him permission for a gipsy industrial use in a conservation area!!! and without an environmental protection scheme!!! Wasn't it Iris and her chums who allowed all those ghastly polytunnels!!!