Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tony Flaig - An Apology

Tony Flaig, the author of Margate's premier blog, seems to have taken some comments I made about him to heart. They were meant in the spirit of jocular banter, but I guess tempers were rather frayed yesterday, and I have today received a personal email from him detailing my failings and culminating in the word 'Prick'.

It was never my intention to alienate Tony, or disparage his good name. He and I agree on many things. However, the airport is not one of them. I take it rather personally when the council votes to build an overhead motorway for 24/7 747s above my house without so much as a 'by your leave'. Tony, who lives in Margate, seems to think it's a good idea and that I should move to Poole.

I have now personally apologised twice to Tony, and removed any offending remarks from his 'ECR Censorship' post. I do happen to think it rather rude to post comments in capital letters, which is why I deleted his initial remark about the airport on this blog. He is not banned from commenting on this blog generally.

I wish to make it clear that I generally rate Tony's views. Just not on the airport.

Finally, for those of you who were expecting Sister Assumpta to return to your screen today, I'm afraid she's been called away urgently to cap an oil well in the Ukraine. Which is to say, I'm really not in the mood.


Peter Checksfield said...

: )

Anonymous said...

Very gracious of you ECR, I can't think of many local bloggers who would be so generous.
Keep up the good work, still the best blog around.

'MR X'

Anonymous said...

Suggest you give your blog to Eastcliffe matters that will centralise the 2crap" in just one blog site.we wish you well in london and a speedy departure.

tony flaig bignews said...

my email to you used quotes from your comments to me and from your own website including "prick"

ecr "I have also posted him a cheque for the measly amount I got for writing up his kent tv story for private eye, which seems to have been another bone of contention."

Maybe in your mind, neither in conversation or any communication has this been a bone of contention or even mentioned by myself. I would suggest you either keep it for the work you did, which is right and proper, or give it to charity.

you might like to make clear so their is no confusion

very gracious indeed MR X or is it

Anonymous said...

Yes it is Tony, any offer to bury the hatchet should always be grasped.
Be a man & move on, that is progress, which I know you support.

'MR X'

Anonymous said...

That wouldn't by any chance be mr A would it?

Anonymous said...

some apology, which comes with a slur

dig deeper why don't you Eastcliff

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No 2-40, it definitely says 'MR X'

Anonymous said...

Some way to say sorry and then suggest that the person you are apologiseing to is wanting payment from you .

Curious if nothing else ?

I think we would to know how tony bought up this bone of contention?

If he did

Anonymous said...

i think we would like to know

Anonymous said...

Peter strum this song and get them to sing it to each other

dum de dum tra la

And they will be friends again.

They made a commendable joint effort to bring the best out of Dr Moores charity flight the other Christmas. Let the spirit of charity warm their lil hearts once again.

Bishop of Bath and Wells. said...

ECR please post me a cheque as I'm really skint, want to go to the pub, and wouldn't mind some free money. Your generosity will be met in Heaven, I guarantee it.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Well the cheque's already gone in the post so Tony can give it to charity. And Tony, I've removed the offending paragraph. Any other demands?

Thanks for the one or two supportive comments. The rest of you can fuck off.

Anonymous said...

I think that its super of ECR to offer the olive branch.

Draw a line under it guys and keep up your respective good works. I read both of your blogs with interest most days.

(the one who has already relocated and comes back to visit most weekends!)

Anonymous said...

Olive branches don't usually come


ascu75 aka Don said...

I haventn said anythingn yet have I got to go as well Richard ??? XXX Don

Anonymous said...

I think Tony suffers from a total lack of a sense of humour which makes his blog such turgid reading.
The persecution complex about censorship shows him to be remarkably thin skinned and possibly unsuited to the cut and thrust of the blogging world .
And with his command of maths I hope he is not calculating the length of a new gateway track from Manston if he is it will either just reach Monkton or possibly North Korea
You stand in a minority thinking living under a flight path is good, to complain if you do is reasonable and not antiprogress . Thanet Earth is progress well concieved speedily built and alledgedly going to employ 500 people .
The airport is being bigged up by Infratil in the same way Ken Wills bigs up the CGP in the hope some other numbnut will come and buy it up from them .
The council cannot believe that a high speed rail link will lure commuters to live under a flight path , and it show their stupidity in pushing in two mutually exculsive directions either say we want it to be the new Hatton Cross or Crawley or a beautiful place to live that trades on its landscape and architecture not ruins it

Anonymous said...

I find Tony's blog full of humour, as I do ECR's & most of the regular Thanet bloggers (S.M.E.G. being a notable exception of course).

Anonymous said...

My bone of contention is that whilst TDC shaft us all in one way or another,the most relevant and informative blogs are likely to suffer while 2 grown men bicker like kids over jelly.
Shame on the pair of you.

S.M.E.G said...

1.58 am. Thank you for your kind words.