Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Ear Piece

Holy Gogholes! I see today's Thanet Times has followed up my £1m earBay auction, calling me a 'cheeky prankster'. Now how on ear-th could they have got that idea (Geddit?!?!!!!?).

Actually it may yet be a case of 'friends, Ramsgatonians, countrymen - lend me your ears' as I've had more than 200 people looking into my ear so far. Messages of interest include:

Hi. It does look like a left ear which is a worry, as I think it is his right that was missing. I might bid anyway, but having bought Hitler's bollocks this year I am concerned that it is a kosher item to add to my collection. Please advise.

Is the ear past its sell by date? And is it waxed or unwaxed?

Hello, can you please provide an image of the Vincent letter/note accompanying this piece?

And, er...

nice try chief ive got sweaty bollocks an all. ten out of ten for tryin tho haha

So lop off your lugholes (alternatively I find Mr Porky a reasonable substitute) and get those millions pouring in for the Van Gogh Centre here in Thanet's premier town!

Click here to see Van Gogh's ear listed on eBay
Click here to read full story on Gazunder website


Anonymous said...

Surely some enterprising scientist at Pizhers could clone a new Vincent from the ear . We could have a new use for Dreamland a sort of Jurrasic Park for artists. The dutch depressive could look after Vincent van gokarts, just in time for the opening of the Turner centre.

Anonymous said...

what about twoloos Lautrec thats two more than you can find in Margate at the moment for the public to use.