Friday, January 30, 2009

Winter Draws On

Brrrr! With temperatures forecast to plummet below minus 30 here in the tip of Kent through the weekend and beyond, I'm glad I installed that new Sinegorsk heating system here at the old cliff top mansion. And I'll be keeping an eye on my elderly neighbour Doris during the cold snap. Although she recently took delivery of half a dozen polar bear vests from Iceland, so she should be OK.

If a bankrupt country can provide warm clothes for Britain's oldies, let's hope Kent Council can spare a few coppers and show some grit this time after their woeful neglect of the Thanet Way in the last icy spell. Or did KCC lose its shirt, sweater, thermal Reg Grundies and 50m quid of our taxpayers' lolly in, er, Iceland?

Click here for Iceland story on AP

Update: Noon on Sunday 1 Feb and it's snowing here in Ramsgate!

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