Thursday, January 22, 2009

Right Mayor On Cecil Street?

Returning to politics and elections, I can exclusively reveal that an attempt to replace Thanet's cabinet of Dad's Army duffers has well and truly kicked off.

Malcolm Kirkaldie, Ramsgate campaigner and general thorn in the side of all things TDC, has thrown his fedora into the ring and started a mayoral petition. The aim will be to get enough signatures to force our beloved council into holding a referendum on whether to replace the current system with a Mayor of Thanet. Speaking exclusively to Thanet's premier blog, Mr Kirkaldie said:

I don't know what a Mayoral stalking horse is called (perhaps a talking horse) but I am it (for the moment at least). This has a number of functions:

1. To smoke other potential Mayors out
2. To get the help of Joe public
3. Engage with the public
4. Get the public involved with the petition
5. Find out if TDC will initiate a referendum
6. Get rid of the Cabinet system
7. Find out if TDC/the political parties are behind a Mayor or not

A Mayor would not be an extra burden on the tax payers, as the costs of the Cabinet go as does a number of staffing costs. With a Mayor you can vote them out, currently you cannot get the Chief Executive out, or any of the full time council officers. Hopefully in the end we can get a Mayor who will not take an overly inflated wage?

And he adds: 'Anyone up for the job of press and publicity?' Speaking as someone with close links to the Mayor of London (why, only last week I was standing merely yards away as BoJo rode his bicycle past me on Islington's Upper Street), I think I would be perfect for the job! And who better to stand outside Thanet Council's offices with a placard saying CHANGE than a former millionaire with a scruffy duffel coat and a dog on a string, who recently lost his shirt in Iceland-on-Thames (as they're calling the City these days)?


One Eyed Bob said...

Well Thanet could certainly do with a shake up, still not sure Ramsgate Toytown Leader is the man for the job.

Anonymous said...

What a waste of time and money, typical Malcolm. You still have an elected assembly and an elected mayor, probably tory, with little or no opposition.

Michael Child said...

12.24 Are you really saying that you would vote not to be able to vote for a leader yourself, but for the cabinet members to select one on your behalf, because those are the two choices in a mayoral referendum.

Anonymous said...

no the third option is better. Status Quo. However, even with a directly elected mayor you still have an elected assembly. either way the b tories will win

Eastcliff Richard said...

That's an idea! We could get Status Quo in to run the place!

Anonymous said...

The choices were open - until the Blair Government imposed this choice - take or leave a directly elected Mayor - or Cabinet System -which is not representative - the old cumbersome sytstem of Committees involving actually did give more power to the people for day to day representation -but we are now beyond that in the Blair/Brown Banana Republic that was the United Kingdom - now the Disunited Kingdom.

Anonymous said...

I rather like the look of the beefburger mayor - why can't we vote for him?

Anonymous said...

I hear that there's a massive row brewing within the political parties over who they should put up to take on Malcolm. The ones who might be remotely palatable to the Ramsgate electorate have no intention of taking him on for fear of losing.

Cllr. Mike Harrison said...

" I hear that there's a massive row brewing within the political parties over who they should put up to take on Malcolm. The ones who might be remotely palatable to the Ramsgate electorate have no intention of taking him on for fear of losing.

6:30 PM "

Cor ! I wish I had access to the information you have. A small matter of fact,
South Thanet Labour party haven't even discussed this idea yet let alone adopted a position on it, then and only then will we decide who our Candidate will be.
As far as I know the Blue Rinsers havn't either.
I very much doubt if Malcom would even stand as a candidate never mind actually win!

I think reading your post that you actually think that there is going to be an election for Mayor and you have completly misunderstood what is being suggested.
One other small point, it would be a Mayor of Thanet not Ramsgate.

Anonymous said...

Status Quo ... Money for Nothing.

You know they could just fit in ECR.

Anonymous said...

Mike ... the man is not confused. He is thinking along burger meister lines

Anonymous said...

My vote is Sandy Beach for Mayor.

Am sure he would win because apart from you losers most people he meets think he OK. That is why he has been top dog it seems like forever.

What a laugh if that dimwit Kircaldie forced an election and Sandy Beach became King of Thanet.

Ha Ha.

Anonymous said...

Dear 8:19

It would be the people of thanet who would decide if they wanted an elected Mayor or not - and more importantly who they would vote for. The cretinous way you have typed up your prejudiced points indicate it is you that is the obvious dimwit.

TDC will rightly deal with the petition when it arrives at electoral services

Finally we have England's finest on the front line protecting this country's democracy and some of us are merely excersisng that right.

Perhaps you can enlighten us to how you have served your community or even country.

Malcolm Kirkaldie (note how its spelt)

Anonymous said...

Malocolm, I'd like to know how you served your country in the pay corps.

Anonymous said...

Nice miss spelling, He should now be known as Loco Kircaldie

Anonymous said...

Stop taking the micky out of Malocolm, it could be a breach of the disability discrimination act.

Anonymous said...

Malcolm is only setting the ball rolling as I understand it. I expect there will be a few candidates to come out of the woodwork when it gets started. My preference will be for Steve Ladyman for mayor as he is clearly going to lose his seat at the next general election.

Anonymous said...

Loco man for mayor. Would typify Thanet and the inbreeding that goes on. Up Malocolm

Eastcliff Richard said...

Inbreeding? You must have Thanet confused with Sheppey, old sport!

Anonymous said...

EKR, Sheppy is sheep Thanet is Family

Anonymous said...

It seems mr kirkaldie is truly off the rails, he seems to have found something else to protest about.Kirkaldie for Mayor ,now that is a joke, he should get a life, preferably in Australia!

Anonymous said...

loco kircaldie for Mayor of Sydney australia now that is a good idea and I for one would sign the petition

Anonymous said...

Amazing how many Tories have been upset by this news. No wonder they are worried they have been in power during the biggest boom in this country's history and stood by with their thumbs up their a*ses while Thanet rotted.