Friday, January 09, 2009

Garbled Message

Oh dear. It seems as if Tim Garbutt aka Mr Surin has taken umbrage at my retitling his jottings 'Tim Garbled's Blog' in the Recent Thanet Natter section on the right. Tim emails:

Best wishes for 2009: you have the Sincerity blog down as 'Tim Garbled's blog' - could you change it to 'Tim Garbutt's blog' or 'Sincerity Agency blog' please.

Clearly Tim hasn't been studying my cobblers for long, otherwise he'd know that there is a long standing tradition on this site of being, er, playful with other people's links. For example, the Gaddfather of Ale has registered no objections to the nomenclature I've chosen for his brewery's blog, and everyone knows that 'Popular But Beseiged™' refers to Councillor/Doctor Moores' Thanet Life. And I don't think Mr G could nail me under the trading standards legislation either. Here's a sample of his recent output:

Is Kent Britain’s most under-wired county. As it were.

You can go topless on the beaches. You can go knickerless. On some of the beaches.

But you can’t sit on your laptop. And surf. Or anyone else’s. Laptop. To surf.


Frankly I'd say 'garbled' was putting it politely! And that from a chap who doesn't even deign to link to us mere underbloglings! Kuh! Still, longer term readers will remember when a high flying Thanet blogger came over all pompous in 2006. His link mysteriously turned into 'Steaming Great Twat'.


Anonymous said...

When I first read Tim's Blog, his blurb about the agency was that it is the green and ethical agency founded by Tim Garbutt.

Naturally I wondered who Mr Garbutt had been, assuming he was dead, but inferred that his name should inspire awe in any marketing insider.

I had previously noticed that another Thanet blogger is from the world of marketing.

A Ken Gregory.

I don't know whether I have made some sort of point here but I thought I would mention it.

Anonymous said...

My wife, ECR, is in a pedantic mood and happened to be looking over my shoulder to check what smut I am viewing on the net.

Hence I must add that his blurb about the agency was the same on the occasions of my second, third and fourth readings.

After that I gave up trying to understand his first post.

Anonymous said...

I thought Ken Gregory was ex-Fire Service.Did a carrer in marketing follow?

Anonymous said...

Here is the quote from his blog :

Ken Gregory
Industry: Marketing
Location: Monkton : Kent : United Kingdom
About Me
Conservative Councillor Thanet. Chair of Planning. Chair, Joint Committee of the Traffic Penalties Tribunal. Member, Thanet Community Transport Association.

Anonymous said...

I have heard that Beyondour Ken is thinking of diversifying into Marketing Skills Retraining Courses for the Unemployed.

Should he take Tim on as consultant or trainee ?

Anonymous said...

I would be careful if I were you ECR. TG is clearly a man of almost extreme integrity, given that he was prepared to go to jail over the right to using the name 'Integrity' for his agency. He lost and now it's called Sincerity.

He may get it in his head that he'd like see a local millionaire get his come uppance.

BTW I ate at Surin once but found it cramped and the pud tasted as though it had come out of a tin.

Anonymous said...

You should repect people wishes dole cheat!

Rebecca said...

I find his blog marvellously coherent, at least compared to how he presents himself in real life. His blurted, pointless, embarassing interuptions at meetings about the airport are one of the things that have stopped those lobbying against it from being more successful.

The last thing you want in your campaign is a blustening, egotestic person foaming at the mouth.

Anonymous said...

What utter rubbish. My perception is that the people of Thanet have turned against the airport en masse. Nobody believes it's going to be successful and most people think the Council are still talking it up because they can't face the ambarrassment of admitting that the central plank of their regeneration strategy is failing (and there isn't a plan B).

P.S. You aren't that woman who has been overseeing the decline of the IoT Gazette are you?

Rebecca said...

If you read my words carefully you would see that I wasn't suggesting that nobody else in Thanet is concerned about the 'airport'.

I merely said that when the likes of Tim opens his mouth and goes on and on and on and on and on at meetings, as well as making himself look pompous and egotisitcal it detracts from the debate and puts other people off admitting to be in the airport sceptics lobby.

If Tim wanted to put a stop to the airport he would be better off passing information onto different people and encouraging them to talk at meetings rather than 'Garble' on himself quite so much.

Anonymous said...

8.05 To Quote your comment:
'My perception is that the people of Thanet have turned against the airport en masse.'

I would take issue with this and suggest that maybe it is true for a limited circle that you may find yourself party to. Unfortunately for the anti manston lobby, most of Ramsgate are apathetic.

Anonymous said...

Yes Rebecca I agree. Tim is an interesting character more sure of everything than a sensible chap would be of anything.

In my opinion he does "Garble" but is self-deluded that he communicates with the economy of words and memorable impact only possessed of the true marketeer.

Anonymous said...

the Garblett style catches on is this marketing or what ?

Anonymous said...

Don't hold your breath waiting for the ferry service to succeed or even begin.

Anonymous said...

I once knew a gent called Tim Garbutt

Cold called Brucie about greater mark-up

Said Brucie "My dear

Let's play some golf here

You garbled so aren't you Jim Tarbuck ?"

Anonymous said...

You're a complete dick-head, Rick, and no mistaking.
Why not put a condom on your head and crawl off somewhere to perish?

Eastcliff Richard said...

I say, that's a bit uncalled for. I know Rick bears an uncanny resemblance to that bloke in the corner of the pub who mutters to himself and is constantly scribbling things down on bits of paper, but occasionally he comes up with the goods!

Professor_Whack_Job said...

Tim's a good guy, give him a break.

Sure he can be a little rambling at times but at least he gives a shit...

Anonymous said...

Study this post carefully marketeers. For a master has given you a lesson in branding.