Friday, January 16, 2009

Hamster News

As if BBC News wasn't crap enough these days, what with Eddie Mair's Whoopsy-Daisy - It's the PM Prog! on Radio 4, standy-uppy News at Ten, and the endless diet of cats up trees, prize marrows and puffs for Howletts Zoo on Southeast Today, a journalist mate spotted this on the 24 hour BBC News Channel recently.

Yes, the strap really does read: 'HAMSTER THEFT: Pet stolen from flat in Stourport-on-Severn.' And they say they haven't dumbed down!


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised ECR you haven't commented on the cash for weight loss scheme announced by our own local health service this week. If blue rinser Ann Widdecombe says it's a waste of cash, then it must be good, surely - and there's a lot of fat people in Fannit who could earn something out of it.

Doctor_Totem_Pole said...

Friggin' BBC!

This story made page 3 of The Sun as well.