Friday, January 30, 2009

Knock Three Times And Ask For Rebecca

News that the Isle of Thanet Gazunder moved offices this week got me pondering if their new accommodation was an improvement on the old Gazunder Towers.

It would seem not if the instructions on their website are anything to go by. More like some seedy Soho joint than a swanky media centre:

1. Press for attention

2. Hop in the lift

3. Press the button for the third floor

4. Ring the bell on the door opposite to be let in

5. Er... shurely shome mishtake? Ed.


Michael Child said...

Excellent Richard one to try on the TDC flesh filter?

They will never get through to our leaders view now.

Anonymous said...

which one is thom morris!

Becca said...

I've seen you walking past, clutching your 2mp idiot camera richard, gazing longingly at the building wishing you had the ability to be a journalist rather than an unempolyed loser bleating on here.

Anonymous said...

Becca the Graudain journelist.

"Unempolyed" ?

ECR is a pain in the arse but he is a pain in the arse who is good at it (so I hear)

S.M.E.G said...

Rebecca, you've hit the bottle early tonight?

Rebecca said...

I really don't think that 9pm is early to have a drink or two is it?

If ECR had the skills of a journalist and not an old fishwife who gets emailed gossip all day from other unemployed mentalists, he might be able to be an effective pain in the arse of the 'great' and 'good' of Fannit.

But he isn't and he can't.

There is so much going on in Thanet that he doesn't mention.

Millicent said...

There is a lot going on in Thanet that people don't mention, ECR is not unique in that. Probably most of it is too boring to mention. But his skill at using the English language, use of vocabulary, turn of phrase etc is certainly vastly superior to that of most people who live on this island. He only claims to be waxing the bikini line of the news and to be fair that is what I think he does - whether Rebecca likes it or not he is already a "journalist" and i for one would miss his daily contribution, especially to Ramsgate life, very much. At least he makes us laugh.

Don't be so unkind said...

Where have you been hiding recently Rebecca? ECR is very effective at getting under the skin of those residents of Thanet who for one reason or another keep getting mentioned in the local rag.Just by the strength of feelings in your e-mails it is obvious he has succeeded in getting under yours. As someone who from time to time feeds an occasional idea to ECR I object strongly to be calling an unemployed mentalist- at least our items are newsworthy not like the editorials last year rambling on about trips to supermarkets, broken computers, hormones etc - now i wonder which paper I saw those in?

Anonymous said...

I may have missed something over time, but is "Rebecca" really a local newspaper journalist?

Anonymous said...

i know that "Thong"

Anonymous said...

Rebecca,think it is a case of stones and glass houses,your paper is the bigest load of old tosh and you have the audacity to think you have the skills of a journalist..I nearly fell off the chair laughing.Think you are the old fishwife(at least ECR is witty and informed)I agree with millicent.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Chaps, thanks for the support, but do be clear that the 'Rebecca' who comments here isn't the same as the Rebecca who edits the Gazunder. Do not rise to the bait.

That said, I for one think his/her/its comments are quite funny!

Anonymous said...

ok ECR-but rebecca(whoever she/he/It is,Is an illinformed pain in the arse!

Eastcliff Richard said...

Well Lily, you're always going to get at least one heckler at a decent stand-up gig!

Try to think of 'Rebecca' as that fellow who interrupted Jimmy Carr's routine at the Mike and Bernie Winter Gardens last year dressed only in a nappy made of toilet paper.

Anonymous said...

Tell us what's going on in Thanet then Becca.

Kathy said...

Hilariously there is even a code for using the loo! I have been working at the new Times Towers for a few days and didn't have the code, it could have been a nasty accident!!

Rebecca said...


Nice comparisson Richard but if anything I'm the stand-up and your confused, mouth-breathing, backwards 'readers' are the drunk hecklers in nappies.

I know that ECR is a bright person, but I'm sure he could do more than entertain a few local, bitter losers if he wanted to. He should speak to Kathy and see if he can get a job at the Gazette

Rebecca said...

And another thing, why can't you do something about these voices in my head they are driving me mad.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Indeed Rebecca,ECR has got the measure of you-happen you are the bitter loser

Anonymous said...

Any more of these pics and you will get:

Content Warning
Some readers of this blog have contacted Google because they believe this blog's content is objectionable. In general, Google does not review nor do we endorse the content of this or any blog. For more information about our content policies, please visit the Blogger Terms of Service

Now where have I seen this!

Anonymous said...

ECR is an effective pain in the arse.

Let us not forget that it was ECR and Tony Flaig who took up Simon Moores charity flight baner tow funding. (With Rick also contributing directly to Simon for the charity)

ECR, by such actions, reveals his deeply rooted conservatism. To conserve what is good (Faith Hope Charity these three) as a stable basis for changing what is not so good.

ECR is of course also a Freemason.

What has happened to Sister Assumpta ?

Nemesis said...

Maggie Thatcher and Ronnie Reagan founded the British American project and you may be surprised at the alumni

UK members of the British-American Project include:

Peter Mandelson EU trade commissioner
Jonathan Powell Tony Blair's chief of staff
Jeremy Paxman broadcast journalist and author
Mo Mowlam former Labour Northern Ireland secretary
Adair Turner head of pensions commission
Trevor Phillips chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality
James Naughtie broadcast journalist and author
Matthew Taylor Downing Street head of policy
Chris Smith former Labour culture secretary
Baroness Symons Foreign Office minister
Lord Robertson former Nato secretary-general
Douglas Alexander Foreign Office and trade minister
Geoff Mulgan former head of Downing Street's policy and strategy unit
Baroness Scotland Home Office minister
Julia Hobsbawm public relations consultant
Steve Hilton Conservative special adviser
Benjamin Zephaniah poet and activist
Colonel Bob Stewart former commander of British forces in Bosnia
David Willetts Conservative shadow work and pensions secretary
Alan Sked founder of Ukip
Stephen Dorrell former Conservative health secretary
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown columnist and broadcaster
Richard Ashmole Eastcliff
Charles Moore former editor of the Daily Telegraph
Nick Butler BP group vice-president, strategy and policy development
Lord Lipsey Labour peer and author

Anonymous said...

Ever so slightly off topic there 9:12 methinks...


Anonymous said...

Rebecca, virtual or not, is right of course. Thanet is in a great position relative to the rest of the country.

If we are to believe even half of what we read in our local rags, we have the Thanet Earth project about to bear fruit (literally), the Turner C. under construction, the wind farm companies soon to take up residence at Ramsgate Harbour, a new ferry service about to start, hundreds of jobs at Manston, thousands of jobs at the Gateway, a new rail link that will chop at least a few minutes off the journey time to London, a new development on the front at Ramsgate.

What have I forgotten? Oh yes. We have 26 miles of fabulous coastline, beautiful harbours, lots of things to do during the summer months and a climate even in winter that is balmy in comparison to the poor blighters up North.

What we also seem to have unfortunately is too many people who only see the cup as being half full, and who seem to bring down or criticise the efforts of the good people who are trying to make things better.

Shame on you.

S.M.E.G said...

12.54pm, you forgot that the council are hell bent on creating a stansted size airport in the middle of it, which means low level planes will be flying across/over most of those beaches.

Turner C is the fly swat against the charging elephant of Dreamlands demise.

The harbour may be home to some industry, but the boats will grow smaller as owners realise sitting under an airport flightpath for increasing costs and ever harder to negotiate sand bars.

We know it sunny and has a micro climate, but if you were in power you'd be shouting it at every opportunity.

We all see the positives - unfortunately our council does not.

Anonymous said...

SMUG - I think the council does see the positive opportunities. That's why they suppor it.

Bertie Biggles said...

The gazunder 'Rebecca' has a blogger registered ID and in the past has posted using it.

12.54 sounds like a TDC Cabinet optomist or one of The Margate Harbour Team!

Which employment agencies are recruiting the pickers/packers and where from? (No adverts in local press).

China Gateway is going nowhere at the moment and without Phase 2 & 3 will not go ahead as Ken Wills has reiterated enough times.

Dreamland has been dead as a site for 3 summers already and nothing will occur there as a visitor attraction. Margate is dying quickly and if the economy in 11 years of boom has brought us to this stage, watch Margate High Street by Easter and see how many new business ventures will have had to close.

God gave us the wonderful coastline and this beautiful corner of Kent; the mess we have made of the place is down to our Councils.

Anonymous said...

SMEG, you will not fir a Stansted size airport at Manston, the geography is too restrictive to expand out bigger than it now is.

S.M.E.G said...

9.34am, it's not us making the stansted comparison, it's infratil, the airport owners. I quote;

"...the direct competition, and potential competition, posed at Stansted Airport by Kent international airport".
Matt Clarke, infratil, letter to competition commission may 2008.

Our council, councilors, mp's all support this company and their aims. If they didn't want stansted in our back garden, why don't they bloody well say something against it?

6.45pm what promotion of anything other than china gateway or the airport have our council or county council performed in Thanet in the last 6 months? Ramsgate isn't just an airport aproach light - yet.