Saturday, January 03, 2009

Ramsgate To Miss The Boat?

As regular readers of this never-ending stream of cobblers will know, I'm a bit of a fan of the old Ramsgate Powerboat Weekend. Last year, however, it was supplanted by a Water Skiing Week, which the Uranians trumpeted at the 2008 London Boat Show.

You'll recall me questioning at the time what would happen in 2009. The water skiing mullarkey was a one-off. With the 2009 Boat Show only a week away, I've not heard so much as a twitter about the Powerboat Weekend returning. In fact, rumour has it the powerboaters were rather impressed with their new venue in Gravesend last year.

So, will I be standing on my ownsome down the harbour come July, plastic pint of the Gaddfather's finest in hand, listening to Tom Jones on my gold-plated iPod? If so, it'll be yet more proof that the Jurassic junta in Cecil Square couldn't give a stuff about Ramsgate!


Nige said...

Well if it does come back, i'll be standing there too. It's events like these that can bring good tourist money to the area.

As i'm off to Whitstabubble i'll be returning as a tourist to many of Ramsgates fine attractions to spend my disposable.

I'll miss the sandy beach, the Bandstand and all the fireworks being on my doorstep, but at 20 miles it really isnt that big a deal to pop over :)

Hope everyone has a superb and peaceful 2009, and continue with all the fine Fanit blogging.


Anonymous said...

The people who care even less than TDC about spending Ramsgate money on Ramsgate events are the Town Partnership, Charter Trustess and, most importantly, the traders.

The event doesn't cost that much to put on, so why don't they do what is necessary (like put their hands in their pockets or find a sponsor) to do the necessary.

And if thay can't find a sponsor, it probably means the event is not worth the effort tippence.

TDC shouldn't spend any money on events. Its not what they are there for.

Anonymous said...

For anonymous at 4.24 the usual apathy reigns in Ramsgate - these events have brought crowds into Ramsgate (ask the traders) for these events and to have a go at he Town Partnership, and other participants just shows what a ignoramus he (or she ) is. It would be nice though if some of the traders who benefit most put their hands in their pockets to support financially these events-Thorley Taverns always do -but many more could.

Anonymous said...

Nige - another rat deserts the sinking ship!!

Good luck in Whitstabubble - the world will no doubt be your oyster!

Anonymous said...

Of course in the old days, when the Maritime Museum was thriving... there used to be some pretty succesful events at the harbour, which raised money for the museum and the RNLI and didn't cost TDC a penny - though the council did allow the events to happen on their land and water!

Then came the euro-funded Power Boat GP - (that cost close on £250,000 over 2 years so not quite as cheap as 'anon. 4.24' might think!) which effectively killed the museum events.

Anon 4.24 is right to say that TDC should stay clear of staging events themselves - it is not their forte - but they should encourage others to do it for them Perhaps anon 4.24 will do 'what is necessary' and stage a new event for us?

Nige said...

Just why shouldn't TDC run/sponsor events that will bring in tourists?

Isn't that what the tourism dept is about, bringing in people to the area?

I do agree that traders should plough some money into it too, well done Thorley!

If I remember we have 10 of the total of about 80 Blue Flag awards in England. Yep Thanet has 1:8 of ALL the Blue flags in England. Global warming hasn't made us as warm as the Med yet, so beach holidays need a little extra to bring the tourist £ $ and Yen.

Unfortunately, the centre of Margate, Cliftonville and Ramsgate Harbour all have high crime rates, if memory serves the only places higher are Medway and Dartford, (check out the Kent police website). Oh, and we are in the top 10 for perceived alcohol related crime in the country. So this needs to be addressed in tandem with the promotion of Thanet as a welcoming tourist isle.

I for one would like to see TDC spending some of the busines rates on promoting the area so local business can thrive.

Anonymous said...

10:15 & 11:41 - your posts are so full of errors on basic facts that your views are not worth commenting on.

Please do some research before you bother us next time.

Anonymous said...

The only error in the posts is the institutional discrimination of Ramsgate - and the sad fact that Tenet is in the top ten alcohol problem mean feat for a small area?

One other point - and that is point out the errors.


Anonymous said...

Yes - please point out the errors - especially where you think 10.15 is wrong - those recollections and numbers seem about right to me.

Nige said...

Re 11.41 being in error. A little research 2.21pm would have easily dug up the pertinant data. Oh, sorry you didn't specify which stats so I guess you are just too lazy or too stupid? So for you and any others who would like to dig deaper, here goes...

Blue Flag

I'll let you do your own counting

Alcohol related crime

Thanet is 5th in the list

kent crime

You can zoom in to any area and see the stats by individual ward if you like.

So, 2.21 would you like to post a picture of you standing by Ramsgate marina and eating your hat or better still donating a tenner to the RNLI.


Nige said...

What a shame 2.21 didnt leave a name, at least I 'sign' all my posts so you know full well who to shoot down in flames :)


Eastcliff Richard said...

They're just upset you're moving to God's Own Whitstable, Nige!

Do look out, though, for the two tier pricing system in operation there. Apparently there's a locals tariff and another, highly inflated one, for DFLs!

Nige said...


Downwardly floating liberal
Dastardly fellow, laughing
Dodgy frickin' lad
Damnable foot licker
Deserting Fanit lover
Doughty fulminating layabout

Anonymous said...

Powerboat Grand-Prix was a boring waste of money which benefitted no-one except the owners of a few bars and chip shops. The side-shows were a rip-off and nothing was left to benefit the local community. If we have to subsidise anything I'd prefer to see work on the already excellent esplanades, a decent outdoor skatepark for the youngsters, an amphitheatre for concerts and plays, seating and amenities provided around the bandstand, refurbishment of the Westcliffe boating lake etc. etc. So many things that could be done to make Ramsgate more attractive to visitors and locals alike.

steve said...

enjoy the estuary Nige.

The racing will not be back this year, the ski racing might be back in a few years.

I agree 7.11pm that more should be put on when the sun (is supposed to) shine, but thought the council made a complete horlicks of the powerboat weekend. Our loss is Gravesends gain.