Monday, January 26, 2009

Watch Out, There's A Humphrys About!

Listening to my old chum John Humphrys laying into his boss, Director-General Mark Thompson, on the Radio 4 Toady programme this morning made me wonder how many other people would be prepared to do that in front of an audience of millions.

Thompson was getting a tongue-lashing over the Beeb's rather lame excuses for not running a charity appeal on behalf of Gaza. So far I've seen umpteen BBC execs wheeled out to defend the decision. And despite Humphrys' best efforts, I've still haven't heard anything that remotely justifies the decision.

Mind you, it's a brave soul who goes mano-a-mano with the Splott-born inquisitor. I remember directing a film he was fronting a few years ago, which involved interviewing the execs of a mammoth UK insurance company. At the time they were engaged in a bitter takeover battle. We were wheeled up to the top floor, only to find our minder's key card didn't work at those exulted heights. Fearless, Humprhys began bashing on the door, and after some minutes a short fat man in a suit, purple with rage, opened it. 'I'M THE *@!%ING FINANCE DIRECTOR, NOT THE *@!%ING DOORMAN,' he bellowed at the bewildered presenter of Mastermind. Quick as a shot, Humphrys blasted back with: 'Do you know who I am? DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?'

If it hadn't been for the intervention of myself, the crew, and our, by-now, rather sheepish minder I tell you, it would have been handbags at dawn!


tony flaig bignews said...

That item was very refreshing, only half awake as I listened but for once Humphrys, relentless style of questioning was actually appropriate.

Does he interrogate everyone in the same style?

Eastcliff Richard said...

No - he does a chummier version if it's something he finds amusing or approves of.

Anonymous said...

You said it - "approves of". His left wing inclinations are too evident for him to fairly front the Today Prog..

I've heard him rightly bash David Cameron into the ground because he couldn't justify a position. But in the midst of economic meltdown caused by lax control of our financial institutions, Humphrys and his cohorts have been feeble in establishing where the responsibility lies, and demanding that political heads roll.

And as for the Gaza Appeal interview, Humphrys allowed his personal views to be clearly evident, which is a major failing for a jounalist in his position.

Anonymous said...

Looks like your blog bods are more GMTV and Jeremy Kyle Show than Today Programme ECR.

Wonder why we call them peasants?