Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More Fannit Souvenirs

Continuing the theme of yesterday's item, regular contributor Millicent has emailed more suggestions for souvenirs of Thanet, including 'Tickets for the latest blockbuster at Dreamland Cinema', 'A spa weekend at Ramsgate Lido', and 'A shopping spree on Margate High Street'.

Hmmm. Methinks a rich seam has been struck here!

A day out at the Motor Museum

Drinks on board a luxury yacht in Ramsgate's Royal Harbour

A bare knuckle ride at a Margate theme park

A night with the stars at a local theatre

A romantic meal for two at the Marina Restaurant

That's enough Thanet souvenirs - Ed.


TMS 4EVA said...

Sorry to be a sourpuss but half of those suggestions or on there already!

Eastcliff Richard said...

Great - but this is for the benefit of those poor souls who ain't on Faceache.

Anyhoo, the clever money's on Twatter these days!