Thursday, January 08, 2009

Ladyboy's Thanet

Only in your super, soaraway Eastcliff Richard! Each week local politician Dr Steve Ladyboy shoots from the hip! Politically speaking, that is.

A'right dair la'? Eh, reckon I need a cuppa tea an' a long sit down it's dat friggin' col' outside! Nah, nah, yer a'right. Any road, talkin' of 'avin a bevvy ar kid mentioned I orra be gerrin' dem voters in over in Cliftonville as it's gonna be in my constituency next lecky like an' all dat.

Well, yer know, it's a birrava lavvy over dair, y'know, all divvies an' limbo dancers, so, like, I thought I'd just send dem a note about me new TV channel like. Y'know, dair's no point standin' out in de friggin' col', talkin' to some 'unchback of Knotty Ash an' freezin' yer knackers off now is dair doh dair doh la?

An' like I put some of dem photos in it of me opening stuff an' dat an' like it shows I'm da gaffer like don' it doh dave dee dozy beeky mick an' tich. I'm tellin' yer it was de gear, de friggin' gear dair doh ray me far sew la tea doh!

That's enough politics - Ed.

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