Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's Another Ill Wind

A cunning plan to put the mockers on the view of the Turneresque sunsets from mARgaTe™'s embryonic Turnip Centre seems to have hit the doldrums. E.ON, one of three partners in the London Array, announced hundreds of job cuts this morning. The news comes only four days after E.ON's chief executive told the FT that the economics of the world's largest offshore fart farm are currently 'on a knife-edge'.

Better news though for the smaller Thanet Array, which is being masterminded from our lovely port here in the Millionaires' Playground. A salty seaman has emailed me to say:

The dredging that has (finally) started at Ramsgate is not so much to help the ferries from touching bottom (ooh madam) as to make some room so that the installation jack-up 'Sea Jack', her pontoon berth and the 'mono-pile' transport barges Osprey Carrier and E3501 can start work on the wind farm!! Honestly!!

Last week in Feb should see the first arrivals - dredging, crane trials, installation procedures, weather, Port Ramsgate, Nore Challenger, permitting.


Click here to read E.ON interview in the FT


Tony said...

According to Vattenfall (the energy prducer installing the Thanet Wind Farm)they are instigating the dredging. Hopefully the TDC will not try to take the credit.

Eastcliff Richard said...

That's what I heard too, Tony. Plus the harbour isn't going to get a scraping as part of this, only the port.

Eastcliff Richard said...

And, um, therefore the Gazunder got it wrong the other week when it said the harbour was going to be dredged.

But hey ho, TDC won't be complaining to them.