Monday, January 26, 2009

Priced To Sell

OIEO £25,000
This stunning semi-detached property will appeal to all Mod Cons! Situated in the heart of Thanet's up and coming Newington suburb, it was designed in the late 90s by election winning architects Blair and Brown, who have since installed a fast rail link directly opposite to whisk you to your consultancy/cardboard box in the City in just over an hour. Recently upgraded with 'Mandelson' kitchen cabinets, 'Motion' tables and 'Parliamentary' seats. OSP for Ferrari. NB: small deposit required but does not secure. The owner advises us of one or two broken promises to the rear of the property, but estimates these should only take £1-2,000,000,000,000 to fix.


One Eyed Bob said...

So that where the 25 grand went!

More like just over an hour and a half! Use the car its quicker and more comfortable and probably cheaper!

Anonymous said...

It's the building next door not the office that's for sale.

Anonymous said...


Pete Stug said...

11:21 Anon seems to have missed the point, NuLabour is very much for sale, from ministers to Lords.

Surprised it's taken the local branch of Brown's babes to cotton on.