Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Steering rapidly away from heated debates about antiquated amusement parks, I thought I'd head for, um, safer ground today and bang on about that old favourite, Ramsgate's crumbling East Cliff.

A while back I treated you to the full SP on Heras, the company that has supplied most of the 'temporary' fencing along our dilapidated cliff top. 'Most' being the appropriate word, as I've now spotted a new species - Beaver 84!

Beaver 84 is a dynamic, customer driven business engaged in the hire and sale of quality new and used non-mechanical plant to the construction, engineering, oil, TV and leisure industries and government funded bodies
, it says here.

TV and government funded bodies, eh? That gives me an idea for killing two, er, fences with one stone. Maybe I could get my old showbiz chum Bill Oddie to set up his night cameras here in Ramsgate. You never know, a week of Fencewatch might be just the thing for KCC TV!


emmeline said...

Trust you to come up with the best idea of the week ECR. A night spotting who has had too much to drink as they stagger back along the cliff top might be very revealing. Well we've obviously got a beaver but such a pity the model village has gone - do you remember the water 'otter?

Nethercourt said...

Ooooo.... an' it appears to be GREEN!! Is this to prepare you for when you're lookin' up at the proposed roof-top planting?

derick97 said...

don;t keep knocking the fence
tdc are going to make it grade two
then godden will come along, buy it
and we will have are own big weekend display

"fire i want you to burn"

and music

what a weekend

emmeline said...

Brilliant - why didn't we think of that!