Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wall Art

Here's an idea for arts regeneration on the Ile. This rotating wall has been installed by sculptor Richard Wilson (I don't believe it!) at the knackered old Yates's Wine Lodge building in Liverpool. Dubbed Turning The Place Over it's a bargain at £450,000! The official launch is on 20th June.

How about we commission him to do the same thing for Arlington House? It would cost an awful lot less than the £17.4m + £8m we're spending on the Turnip Centre. We could even call it Turnering The Place Over, should we feel the need to keep the connection!


Anonymous said...

Might be a bit difficult to do this while people are still living in it, eh, ECR? Gets a bit draughty when the wind blows in straight from the North Pole! Otherwise I think it's a great idea. Why don't we suggest they try it first on TDC's offices in Cecil Street?

ZumiWeb said...

"The most daring piece of public art ever commissioned in the UK" according to the official press release. Stunning stuff. And only £450k so if you can just get the money back from the Turner people it could be tried out all over the place - Tesco, Albion House, Theatre Royal, TDC HQ, the mind boggles...

SkinOfStars said...

I'm sure many people would consider this kind of art a waste of time. One has to admit though, that is very cool.

Observer said...

Arty Farty pretentious tosh,,,

EXPENSIVE Arty Farty pretentious tosh,,,

bit like the Turnip centre,
old and new versions,

In the same way that everyone I speak to in Thanet doesnt want, need or are indeed interested in the Turnip Centre I am willing to wager that the good folk of Liverpool feel the same way about this piece rubbish.

Snailspace said...

Only a tad more expensive than the Olimpic scrawl.
And the only people having fits are the health and safety wallies