Thursday, June 14, 2007

Fair Comment

Our local council have been awarded a 'fair' for performance from the Audit Commission. That's better than 'weak' in 2004, but not as good as, um, 'good', or even 'excellent'. The commission described the Uranians as having a 'well developed' community leadership role, with ambitions that are 'soundly based on consultation'.

I'll leave it up to you lot to comment, as anything I might say probably wouldn't stand a hope in hell of being classified as 'fair'.

TDC press release


emmeline said...

The Audit Comission must have been having forty winks when they passed through - how can electing all your own party buddies to act as scrutineers be "fair" - though to be "fair" they probably did this assessment before the recent local elections. I'm sure ECR that most of your observations would be as ever very accurate and perceptive whatever anyone else thinks!

ron ex-councillor said...

Actually this is quite an improvement and shows how much hard work the Tories have put in to turn things around following Labour's disastrous spell in office.

Anonymous said...

Actually its a absolute minimal improvment having just about managed to scrape over the mark that takes a Council from 'weak' to 'fair'. An additional 4 points was all that was gained taking TDC 2 points into the 'fair' rating.

Cllr Mike Harrison

chris wells said...

But, Mike, it did take us into the fair rating, not the weak rating your group left us with.

Justin Brown said...

Good grief!
If you lot put as much effort into doing your jobs as you do into slagging eachother off, being award an 'excellent' would probably be doing you a disservice.

Anonymous said...

chris wells said...

But, Mike, it did take us into the fair rating, not the weak rating your group left us with.

11:01 PM

I dont know how many of ECR's readers will remember Emile Zatopek the marathon runner but a good analagy would be the Olympics in the early 60's when he staggered into the stadium absolutly exhausted and it took him about 5 minutes to complete the one circuit of the track to the finish line, he crossed the line crippled, debilitated and totally without any idea where or who he was, took two steps past the tape and collapsed.

This is the mental picture that the current CPA report conjures up in my head!!

Cllr Mike Harrison.

Eastcliff Richard said...

I know I said I wouldn't comment, but it's my blog so there.

TDC's Chief Exec is quoted in the Gazunder today (Friday) as saying it will never achieve an 'excellent' rating because of the deprivation around here, and Sandy seems to agree with him. Isn't that a rather defeatist attitude?