Friday, June 08, 2007

KCC TV Will Not Be In Russian

Leafing through my copy of Around Kent, which that nice ruddy-faced man from Kent County Council sent me today, I notice a feature headlined: It's TV - But Not How (surely 'As'? - Ed.) You Know It.

Alongside a picture of Saint Gob of Beldof, whose company Ten Bobs has won the £600,000 a year contract to run the council's TV station, we are told:

It won't be a re-enactment of Russian TV in the days of communism with someone reading the latest KCC press release.

Phew! Thank heavens for that. My former newsreading chum Olga used to get very fed up reading out those KCC press releases, and the prospect of having to do it all over again was giving her the abdabs. The article continues:

What better way for a youngster to train for a job in the media than to get involved in making real programmes that are relevant and interesting.

No better way indeed, which is why I shall be advising any youngster who asks not to waste his or her time making anything for KCC TV.


Anonymous said...

100/1 The public will have no right to say anything criticising the council, there will be a 'board' to censor out people like your good self/Tony Flaig/Councillor Green et al.
Anyway; 600 grand a year for a web TV station without even a VIOP component? (to save money...sic)

Thats more than expensive; thats solid gold and a wheelbarrow to lift it back to the house in; X3 years = £1.8 million.....
We wait.... And see.... Public TV... Nonsense, Vanity oh vanity such is thy face...

Anonymous said...


Voice Over Internet Provision

Like skype, but locally sourced free phone and video conferencing... Surely that might save the council some money, amazing the great gedlov's internet business experts have not spotted that one. More consutantcy fees required yet methinks.