Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Happy Blogday!

Lumme! I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd be mentioning the Thanet Times twice in 24 hours, but yesterday's edition was positively rapturous about the Ile's blogging scene a year on from the inception of that terrific Thanet Blog List. They'd even gone to the trouble of baking us silly bloggers a scratch and sniff birthday cake.

What a turn around from the dark days when I began this drivel, which they described back then as 'Cyber Nerd Has Pop At Isle In Posion (sic) Blog Entry'. Now I'm a 'bachelor playboy' who 'has a pop at everything from pizza delivery men to top Tory Sandy Beach'. How things have, um, changed.

There's also a birthday message from our local car crushing, caff crushing, graffiti removing Councillor Dave Green, a mention of my arch nemesis Dr Councillor/Councillor Dr Simon Moores, and a gong for Birchington Boy Justin Brown, who gets the Most Bizarre Blog Award. No mention of Bignews Tony, though, which is a bit of an oversight in my opinion.

Still, the publicity has done me no end of good, and Bev, my agent, rang earlier to say that I've got a late booking for something at Dover Castle. Probably a period drama. Laters!

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Anonymous said...

Well I never! The Thanet Times did have some news in it after all this week! Pity the picture of the page was so small i couldn't read it - and no I'm not going out to buy one - I've already made up my mind to give it up and I'm sticking to it.