Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Press Here

One of my spies in Maidstone rang this afternoon to alert me to the fact that Kent County Council have invited three top journos down to admire the Ile de Thanet later this week. Presumably the Turner thingy will be top of the list for the press trip, although I personally wouldn't be boasting about a concrete block that makes Dungeness B look like the Prado.

Anyhoo, we'd all better be on our best behaviour and sporting our finest track suits. And please, if you must tug your pit bull in public, do forgo the string for a decent leather leash. No doubt TDC will have been alerted too, so if you discover your street gleaming like your local crack dealer's gold tooth when you wake up on Thursday morning, now you know why.

My Deep Throat added that one of the hacks has been trying to chat to our local King Councillor and Carpet Tsar Sandy Beach for some time, but so far Our Sandy hasn't returned his calls or emails. I'm sorely tempted to divulge Sandy's home address in return for some favourable publicity for my Van Gogh Contemporary here in Ramsgate!


Anonymous said...

Oh! No. Not another contrived photo opportunity

tony flaig bignews said...

Van what?

derick97 said...

he was the bloke from tdc
only had one ear
allways pointed the other way

Anonymous said...

Let's hope they get the tour of:

Margate High Street
Arlington Arcade
West Cliff Hall
Ramsgate East Cliff
Westwood (by car, not helicopter)

I suspect though that they'll get the tour of:

Margate Old Town
Droit House for the TC design
Westwood (by helicopter)

Anonymous said...

I hope he'll take them to the east Cliff and introduce them to the beautiful HERAS fence - maybe we should celebrate the occasion by hanging some balloons on it?

Eastcliff Richard said...

Good idea! Or maybe we should club together, hire a truck and take the Heras/Beaver 84 ironwork over to Droit House for the day?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we could erect it in Cecil Square?

Anonymous said...

Now the idea about taking the fence to see Turnip would qualify for a HUGE publc arts grant. Great idea... Thats what I call an 'installation'.