Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pass The Huffkins

I've noticed 'Kentish Huffkins' on the menu in a number of eateries around here. There's nothing I enjoy more than a plate of steaming great huffkins.

My old culinary chum Gordon literally swears by them.


Anonymous said...

What are they?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Kentish Huffkins

These are oval, flat loaves, with a deep indentation in the centre and a soft crust.

The recipe is traditional to Kent, and is softer, with a more open texture than ordinary bread. Eat them sliced and buttered at tea time.

Bread rolls, basically.

Anonymous said...

See also:

Kentish Pudding Pie
Kentish Pigeons in a Pot with Plums


Kent Lent Tart

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Canterbury Pudding

Anonymous said...

And Maidstone Biscuits.

Although, as we all know, this far east we only get the crumbs.

Anonymous said...

If they are traditional to Kent why can't we buy them at the bakers?

Michael Dinner said...

Calm down! This is a commercial:

Kentish huffkins are on the menu at the Belle Vue in Pegwell. The restaurant's a bit shabby, and the service rather slow, but it's well worth the wait for the freshly cooked grub. Fish and chips came with great beer batter, nice piece of fish, well worth a visit.

The bar was refurbished last year, and they've built a lovely new terrace overlooking the bay for those who like a post prandial smoke with their calvados, Masterbrew, or whatever.

Justin Brown said...

Lovely new terrace, indeed! Seems just like the old one, except some numb-nuts has concreted right up to the trees, to me. Still, they do obscure the view so probably deserve to be killed slowly. Why didn't they just give them a pint of Master(baiter)brew and be done with it.
Can't help thinking you'd be better off popping into The S.S. Grey, next door.

Anonymous said...

There's a lovely old postcard showing what it was like in ca 1911 if you search on the web for it!