Monday, June 11, 2007

Firepower Station

As regular readers will know, for some time now I've been pondering what we should do with that disused power station down at Richborough. It seems my application to convert it into a nuclear facility has fallen on stony ground, despite the positive noises the government has been making recently towards glow-in-the-dark electricity generation.

So imagine my surprise to discover that it's already being put to good use - as an urban combat area for pellet-powered war games. These chaps at Shadow Ops Airsoft Ramsgate have renamed the site 'Rackstock Nuclear Power Plant, Nabraska Desert, USA', and are planning 'Operation Rainbow - Year 2018' at Richborough this coming weekend.

Should all go with a bang, methinks, but why stop there? Perhaps we can transform the place into a global tourist attraction, just like those cheeky Kiwis have done with one of their power stations:


Anonymous said...

Saddo ops

Justin Brown said...

Low lights, excitable, testosterone flooded males and plenty of places to hide.
Sounds like bum-fun Utopia, to me!

emmeline said...

If NZ can compare a power station to the Taj Mahal what should we compare Richborough power station to?

Anonymous said...

Richborough - Our Great Wall of China!

emmeline said...

Can they be seen from outer space then?