Monday, June 04, 2007

Shots Heard In Broadstairs High Street

Reader Clive has emailed me this eyewitness account:

I was in Broadstairs High Street this afternoon when I heard two gunshots fired. I also saw a number of armed police, accompanied by a police video unit, along with a number of police vehicles.

BBC local news carried a short report this evening confirming that officers from the Metropolitan Police had carried out a raid in the town in connection with a murder enquiry. And who said nothing ever happened in Boredstares? Oh yes, sorry, it was me.

Update: full report including pictures on Kent Online.


derick97 said...

they did,nt shoot edf,s hampster did they?

Anonymous said...

Proves they weren't locals though. Who else would choose Boredstares to escape to on the day of a power cut - far too much excitement in one day for most Thanetonians to cope with, eh?