Friday, June 22, 2007

There Is Nothing Like A Dame

We are seldom graced by (almost) royalty here in the world of Thanet blogging, so it is with enormous pleasure that I can reveal that Dame Janet has started her own site.

You'll recall that her royal gracious loveliness was runner-up in my Richard Eastcliff Award For A Grand Design For Ramsgate, and has very magnanimously been instrumental in helping to put together the collection for my Van Gogh Contemporary here in the Ile's premiere town.

She's just about to publish a splendid book on women's suffrage in East Kent from 1909-1918, but is also interested in women's history in Kent generally. Her radiant gorgeousness has asked me to point out that it's very early days for her blog, and requested that I be nice. Well, ma'am, am I ever anything else?


Anonymous said...

Grand designs on Dame Janet? Now there's a thought!

Millicent said...

Thanks ECR - I already have several regular contributors!