Friday, June 15, 2007

Margate Bignews

Quite why I should be publicising Margate, let alone a jolly organised by Thanet Council, is a question only Dr Fraudstein, my celebrity psychiatrist, can answer. But I've been asked to point out that the Arsonists are hosting their 'Big Event' on both days this weekend.

Actually it's a replacement for the Kent Air Show which has been held at Palm Bay for the last two years, but whose organisers went nipples up earlier this year. Still, it's free, and there is a full programme of flying, including the splendid Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, as well as clowns, stunt motorcycle riding, bands, and a beer tent. Acts which particularly caught my eye were:

Bruce Airhead – a man and a six foot balloon
Skate Naked –dazzling duo, winners of five international festivals, and
Zios and Zigra our resident robots (eh?).

You'll also get the chance to enjoy Clown Bluey, Bob Jobbins and a chainsaw carver.

Full Saturday Programme
Full Sunday Programme

It seems that the Red Arrows are only appearing on Saturday, so in case you miss them here they are at the Isle of Wight Festival last weekend, as filmed by my fellow Thanet blogger Big Blog Adem:

Right, that's enough of that Margate talk, it's made me feel a trifle queasy. I'm off to see my shrink.


Anonymous said...

Yes i was bit annoyed to find that the red Arrows are only appearing on saturday as I shall be somewhere else! But I'm sure the entertainment on Sunday will be worth a visit. After all you don't actually have to go into Margate to get there do you?

danevalleyted said...

Are you popping over to see your northern cousins or are you worried that your fame(infamy)will make you feel unwanted?

Anonymous said...

I'm a wanted man in that neck of the woods, DVT, so if I go I'll be remaining anonymous!

tony flaig bignews said...

I think this will be a very good event, assuming the weather is kind.

I feel it could however prove a tad upsetting for celebs in their twilight years, who have not been booked to appear.

Who would have thought it Eastcliff Richard passed over for acts such as Bob Jobbins, Cyril the Squirrel, Professor Crump?

I reckon its time to get a new agent or write the autobiography.

Eastcliff Richard said...

You didn't recognise me? I was the bloke with the car balanced on his head!