Friday, June 08, 2007

Join The E.R.A.

The Eastcliff Residents' Association should be out and about in an hour or so, appending more of these protest signs to the 'temporary' fencing along our crumbling cliff top.

According to their website, they do this every Friday at 4.30pm. 'Two years of temporary fence is not right' is their rallying cry, and I wholeheartedly agree with them. Personally, though, I prefer to take more direct action, so this afternoon I've placed an order with Heras for 200 metres of their product to be positioned around my, er, new home at 17 Crow Hill, Broadstairs.


Anonymous said...

I know how you feel! Some men in a cafe in Broadstairs were discussing the fact that you can't recycle plastic at the "tip" in Manston Road any more so I suggested they took it to the council offices at Cecil Square and left it on their doorstep but I can have it redirected to Crow Hill if you like?

Anonymous said...

ECR, you have now become totally irresponsible.

Are you really encouraging actions that will lead to Mrs Sandy Beach sensing a little prick in her behind if she attempts to leave home - and gets caught on the sharp edges at the top of the fence panels?

Justin Brown said...

I've heard that a splinter group has formed, called the Rile ERA, and that these are the people who are posting, without any warning to the general public, these explosive declarations.