Friday, June 01, 2007

Ramsgreat Ideas - The Winner!

The judges (me) have spent most of the day scrutinising the piles of entries in my Richard Eastcliff Award For A Grand Design For Ramsgate. The idea was to give Ramsgate an iconic building for the 21st Century, seeing as most of the publicity, and money, seems to go to Margate these days.

The top three have now been picked, and so, in true showbiz fashion, I'll announce the winners in reverse order.

In third place is Terracotta Glenn with his idea, based on a visit to China's famous terracotta army, to place larger-than-lifesize terracotta Vikings along our seafront. Here's what it might look like:

In second place is Dame Janet's comprehensive re-working of the seafront, including a restored Royal Pavilion, swimming pool and skate park (although presumably other types of fish will also be exhibited). You can take a peek at Dame Janet's entry here.

And now for the winner (drum roll). It gives me enormous pleasure to announce that the Richard Eastcliff Award For A Grand Design For Ramsgate goes to... Richard Eastcliff, for his suggestion that Ramsgate should build a Van Gogh Contemporary, seeing as the monaural artist spent at least ten minutes enjoying a cup of tea here once, and if it's good enough for Margate, it should be good enough for us too.

I will forthwith be applying to the relevant authorities for a grant of £169m, which I am assured from initial exploratory discussions will arrive in the form of an open cheque next week.


Anonymous said...

Swop you the cross channel ferry port (to Holland), sparkling marina and a few millionairs, like your good self, for the turnip conservatory and associated management.

Terracotta Jan said...

Thank God it's over. Does that mean we'll be spared from seeing any more pictures of that idiot on your website?

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't be married to him by any chance Jan?

Terracotta Jan said...

Perish the thought! He's at least 2000 years old. What kind of a girl do you think I am?

Eastcliff Richard said...

Aha! Too late! I have the picture now and I'll be squeezing it into my blog as often as humanly possible!