Friday, June 15, 2007

What The Dickens

Oh go on then, I'm in a giving, generous mood, so I'll also mention that Dickens Week starts in Boredstares this weekend too. So if dressing in Victorian bathing costumes and cramming small children up chimleys is your cup of Earl Grey, you know where to go!


dame janet said...

Some of that Dickens lot are a bit hoity toity but i enjoyed last year's play so I'll probably go to "Pickwick Papers" this year too.

Little Weed said...

If you are mentioning all of the events on the Isle this weekend don't forget the gardens. It's Minster Open Gardens on Saturday and Sunday

Anonymous said...

Yes I recall that "Pistol Pete's" mum does a good display every year for the Minster Gardens. Best of luck to them.

(Note for ER: "Pistol Pete" is an esteemed armed support officer of Kent County Constabulary ! Helping with the garden display is the only real physical workout I think he gets ?? ....)