Saturday, June 09, 2007

A Journalist Writes...

Good morning,

I just wanted to drop you a line regarding some of the comments which have appeared on the Eastcliff Richard blog this week.

Although I appreciate that they have not been made by yourself I'm sure you are more than aware that as the publisher of the blog you bear ultimate responsibility for them.

I note with some interest that you have failed to remove several of the more offensive posts relating to myself.

I have no problem with people who may dislike me for whatever reason, did not like my People article, or just generally want to have a moan.

But some have clearly crossed the acceptable line of fair comment and honestly held opinion and veered into libel territory.

For the record I can assure you that I am not - and never have been a Nazi, and take any suggestions otherwise extemely

Hence the use of the phrase "Nazi Nick" certainly could be held to be libellous - and as the blog's publisher I'm sure you are aware that had the case been taken to court the onus would have been on yourself to prove I am in fact a member of the Nazis - or risk a payout of substantial damages.

I like your blog and always take the trouble to have a look at what's going on - and am happy to accept any robust criticism which you or your readers may choose to place in my direction.

What I cannot accept, however, are clearly libellous statements such as the ones which continue to be displayed.

If you would like to discuss this matter further please don't hesitate to get in touch.

If these kind of libellous comments continue to appear I will left with no alternative but to instruct my solicitors.

Yours sincerely,

Nick Dorman.

Actually at no point did the phrase 'Nazi Nick' appear in any of the comments appended to my item Dorman of the People but to save him the trouble of instructing his solicitors, all comments that may have been construed as offensive to Mr Dorman have been removed, and I would like to offer him a full apology for any distress that may have been caused.


Anonymous said...

For one so apt at spin, such a silly game, x of thanet ... why not just swear and vomit near some kids and be done with the 'sexy' publicity...

Eastcliff Richard said...


Justin Brown said...

Publishing that letter will, almost certainly, nip things in the bud, won't it?
As for the N*zi N*ck thing, that was entirely misconstrued. I am, in fact, a member of the DNA (National Dyslexics' Association), which is, in another fact, where I first met Inspector Moores.
I do my best to keep on top of it, but, on the odd occasion, a whiff of it breaks through.
For example, I could say something like n*zi but actually mean 'no cock', hypothetically of course!

Anonymous said...

Well, at least his rebuttal/collection of thoughts from the MGN libel classes seems to demonstrate that the poor grasp of written English in the original article must have been down to Mr Dorman and not his co-contributor or the sub-editors.

Anonymous said...

I notice that nick did not say that he would visit the Doggett or that the job centre photo was taken at the weekend.
I have met nick on a number of occasions and i still think that he has a face only his mother would like!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can only copy and paste from one of the comments early in your carrer as a wrter.
I visit nicks column(stoppit justin) from time to time looking for a sign of some redeeming feature, talent or achievement from its author but sadly I can find none!

Eastcliff Richard said...

Yes well he did say he had no problem with people who disliked him for whatever reason, so I'll treat these as fair comment.

Justin Brown said...

Hardly early in his career, anonymous of 2.18, as I've only been around for 5 minutes, whereas Dick's span is quite lengthy.
As for quoting his quote, well, you were actualy quoting his quote of Dr Moore's quote from earlier still.

Quote confusing, really!

Eastcliff Richard said...

Almost as confusing as your minute by minute changes of identity, Just me old china.

tony flaig bignews said...

Who the **** is Nick Dorman.

Is this the chap who with the aid of an assistant, managed after a couple of sessions of journalistic research, down the pub, to cobble together a much criticised story about Margate.

I personally think, that he might wait a few years to build on his reputation, before worrying about libel actions. Any way good luck to him.

Justin Brown said...

I think my identity changes are more down to an imbalance between your imagination and skills as a private dick, Richard, rather than me just changing my picture from time to time.
And loathe as I am to say it, very good point Tony!

tony flaig bignews said...

Whats with the loathe stuff ?? brown

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Eastcliff Richard said...

Mr Anonymous - I've had to remove those previous two comments as we're already in a spot of bother here on this blog as you may have noticed.

I take your points, however, and have a rough grasp of what you're on about, but it would perhaps be better for my already hard-pressed team of legal beagles if you discussed them with me privately by emailing me at

Just a reminder to everyone that I don't generally remove comments unless they are in my opinion seriously actionable. This site is dedicated to humour, satire, a bit of banter and 'having a pop' (I stole that from the Thanet Times), and as long as we keep it that way we'll all stay healthier and wealthier.

Nick Dorman no doubt gets free legal representation as part of his NUJ subs, so it wouldn't cost him an extra penny to instruct someone to make everyone's (my) life a misery. Not that the comments I've deleted were a direct attack on him, I hasten to add.

Anonymous said...

I will email you if there is a development in the case. My 62 page report was submitted to John Reid by my MP last week. I think you would have been perfectly safe to have left the comments in place. But it is your site and I respect that.

If you visit the website of Richard Bacon MP (Tory South Norfolk)then yet another tragic case of a hospital backup generator failing is described (Royal Brompton).

As I understand it Mr Bacon, who has spoken with my MP at the Commons about this, would be interested in supporting one of my recommendations which is a change to the Health and Safety at Work Act (to make failures of hospital power systems "Reportable" incidents for Health and safety Executive independent investigation).

I issued my own High Court proceedings last year for malicious falsehood against the Suffolk Chief constable (now ex Chief constable) Alistair McWhirter. He won summary judgement that I was out of time to sue him but did not then engage on the follow up arguments about Magna Carta (hence the teasing of your admirer and expert on governance Dr Moores). My head count of suddenly retiring officers seems now to run to two chief constables, the Deal Barracks bombing senior CID officers, one Supt, one Chief Supt, one Inspector and two heads of force special branch.

McWhirter announced that he would retire aged 53 and take a position with the Primary Care Trust who (coincidentally) commissioned an electrical inspection of Ipswich Hospital and scheduled 3.6 million pounds worth of upgrading including new backup gennies. (Blows across nails with satisfied smile on face)

I think you have sussed that if there had been a reply admitting knowledge (as implied by a contrary opinion) that I would have him for Misprision and possibly libel ?

And yes if it is consistent with my oath as an independent ministerial officer of the Crown .. I will litigate.

Then the red hot issue would not be a dole recipient with little reputation to lose and no funds to litigate ...

I don't like bullies anyway.

Best wishes ... if there is a development I will email you.

Justin Brown said...

Nothing personal, Flaig, just a reflex reaction to a valid Margate opinion.
As much as people can consciously admit to themselves that such a phenomena is possible, the subconscious mind is a powerful force to reckon with.

'a dole recipient with little reputation to lose and no funds to litigate'
That's beautiful, Richard, and I think it would fit in very well underneath
'A middle class patronising pratt, unloved by Mummy and Daddy who feel he has to explain things to the people of Thanet because we're too thick to understand current events'
And I must confess to feeling a little envy at the attention you get. Most people don't even bother with an off-hand 'f*ck off', for me!

Sindy Shylock said...

Careful people:

It's just a matter of time before a Nazi war criminal, enjoying the Autumn of his life in a nice house in Ramsgate, becomes enraged enough to take legal action against those who compare Nazis to low-brow, tabloid hacks.