Saturday, October 07, 2006

Service With A Snarl

I must say, standards at the best hotels along the Croisette in Cannes definitely appear to be slipping.

More of my jolly holiday snaps soon, you'll be oh-so-pleased to hear!


sfdretywu said...

Having had some experience of French hospitality, I can't help thinking that that wasn't a typo.

claude monet said...

It eez not true zat we French dislike you 'rosbifs'. Dislike you, non. Despise you, oui!

Steel, we are getting ze funding from your Turner Centre and we are liking zat - tres bien!

sfdretywu said...

Monsieur Moany, it's quite impossible, I think, to despise someone and like them too. Ergo, your statement doesn't really ring true. Not untypically French in that respect, I'd say.
Though you, in all probability, are not actually French, I must say that your impersonation of said sub-species is uncanny.
There is a good chance that you are, in fact, a closet frog and I would urge you to seek help, if it's not too late already!

claude monet said...

Of course I am ze Frog, I am at zis moment seetting on one of my waterlillies, you silly Engleesh man.