Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Breaking News - BBC Apologises

I've just received an email from the BBC journalist who claimed he hadn't told Dr Biggles anything he didn't already know by revealing that I had personally recorded and disguised the ECR contribution for the BBC Radio Kent feature on blogging.

I pointed out to him that the exact words he had used in his piece to describe my contribution were 'His voice has been disguised', not 'He has recorded and disguised his voice himself'. Here's what he now says:

I apologise. I thought I had used different words. I'm certainly not trying to give your game away to Simon and would never identify anyone directly - if that person's wish has been to remain anonymous. I don't believe my disclosing that your [or someone else's] voice had been disguised by yourself, rather than by me, goes any way towards infringing any editorial guidelines, nor does significantly help any listener to determine your true identity. If you believe I have in some way stepped over the mark, I can pass on a formal complaint to our lawyers.

So what do you reckon? Should I get m'learned friends involved? You decide!


tony flaig bignews said...

It may be cruel but I think you should take the option from your previous posting, should the Doctor finally reveal your true ident, who gives a toss.

The chances are that, you have, some multiple personality problem anyway, plus i think you are bigging up yourself to much, and your also being a bit tough on the bbc journo, whom has given you the oxygen of publicity.

If any one has cause to bitch, it must be me, who never got the chance to be interviewed on radio nowhere.

Nethercourt said...

I reckon yez 'av all gone daft!
All these folk with bonce problems meanderin' about the place 'as got me worried, so I'm 'diggin' in' and fortifying, meself with a large Sanatogen and me shed with a couple of cannons due as soon as they hit the market!!

Lucy Mail said...

They didn't ask you Tony?
They asked me but I said no.
They probably didn't ask you because you come from a depressed area and that, matey, would be your choice.

Anyhoo, I think Richard should send his briefs to them at the earliest opportunity.
And don't bother washing them first!

Sue Theirarsov said...

As a highly paid media lawyer myself, I would say by far the best option would be to go all out and stick it to them. I'd be happy to take the case on on a 'no win, huge fee' basis.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Multiple personality problem? Me?

Or is it him?

And who are you looking at?