Tuesday, October 24, 2006

BBC Responds

In response to my complaint to the BBC objecting to them leaking my identity to all and sundry, I have received the following email from the journalist concerned:

I have not told Simon (First name terms, eh?) anything he didn't already know. Even my radio piece said that your contribution was a result of your voice being disguised. Listeners could therefore assume that you disguised your own voice. (Bit of an assumption, I would have thought.)

Simon came to me
(What, in a vision of loveliness???) wondering if it was indeed my voice, having played around with his new software. (Careful you don't go blind, Simon.) I simply said no, it was yours, disguised by yourself. That's not giving anyone a piece of any jigsaw, that's merely reiterating what should have been very obvious from the start. (Eh?)

The fact that he thought the voice was mine means that his clever piece of decoding software
(Audacity - free on the net if anyone wants it. And it doesn't, in fact, 'de-code' anything, it merely enables you to reverse effects using your own assumptions.) had in fact led him further from the truth than closer to it. (Do what?)

Call me paranoid, but given that 'Simon' is a bit of a 'rent-a-gob' round at BBC Radio Kent, it wouldn't surprise me if this had all been a set-up in the first place. Which is what I had assumed from the very outset.


DrMoores said...

I love this, it demonstrates rising paranoia on ECR's part as well as his age..barely into long trousers, which the cleaned up audio file suggests.

Add in a better glimpse at his alter ego personality which is quite prepared to throw rocks at others but prefers to hide behind the fantasy facade of a middle aged media mogul cast away on the eastern harbour wall.

Nethercourt said...

What a pity blogging does'nt allow for custard pies!

Who's first with the classic FH line....

Eastcliff Richard said...

They've all got it in for me!

Anonymous said...

Isn't there a serious point here about the BBC and its ability to protect its sources?

DrMoores said...

No, the BBC are in the right and simply confirmed that they had received the interview directly from the lad.. err Eastcliff Richard that is. Recorded at home on his Apple Mac I assume!

Nothing else was given away or offered. Mind you, I've still to resolve his IP address with his ISP, back into the original account name it is held under! That may take a little longer.

Eastcliff Richard said...

You'll be telling us next you've got Gold and Schifreen stashed in your wardrobe!

BTW Nethers, I believe the lines were uttered by KW. Although FH was an old pal of mine, and always my favourite.

Anonymous said...

What a thoroughly unpleasant little (in every sense) man is Biggles. You can almost sense the drool from his lips at what he believes is another little bit of detective work on his part. Decoding software...analysing IP addresses and trying to "out" people. get a life, saddo.

Anonymous said...

If I had contributed to the BBC anonymously I wouldnt want even the slightest details handed out to members of the general public no matter how insignificant they might seem.

Duck Baker said...

Oh for Gods' sake, why doesn't anyone call the Anal Retentive Kunt what he is?
Noah allededly built an ARK to save all the creatures on Earth.
Maybe that's the good doctors' personification, personified?
Look into his eyes, not around his eyes but into his eyes.
I don't think he's ever enjoyed a shit.
I know that I have and he's, perchance, one of them!

SkinOfStars said...

Calm down will you children! As one of the youngest bloggers in(ish) this circuit I feel it is my place to say grow-up!

Eastcliff Richard said...

I take your point, Dusty. But he started it.

Oops, maybe I haven't taken your point after all.

Lucy Mail said...

I can only imagine how that feels, Simes. Having strived and flogged your heart out to build up the audience that you need to give your life some meaning, only to have some whipper-snapper, fresh out of nappies stealing your limelight.
Maybe there's a clue here to help you solve your mystery.
Rather than being a patronising bore, you could have a little dabble with insight, lateral thinking, consideration and, perhaps most importantly, humour.
I don't want to know who ECR is, personally, and I don't think, at heart, many others do. I rather enjoy this blog for what it is. A local, topical overview of Thanet with a humorous slant.
It's what's said that's important, not who says it, isn't it?
Or do you think that your opinion is so important because it comes from a man of letters?
Who's the childish one?