Monday, October 30, 2006

Having A Quick Rank

One of my commentators has been less than glowing about the desirability of living in Thanet. And one of my detractors has described the Ile as 'at the edge of teh known world.'

So to redress the balance, and assuage those people with the baseball bats who insist I'm bad for Ile's image, I've ranked the ten greatest living Thanetonians. Here they are in order:

1. Me (of course)
2. CutieMish
3. Brenda Blethyn
4. Brenda Blethyn's Mum
5. Timothy Spall (often spotted eating ham and cheese sandwiches in Margate)
6. Ray Winstone (always banging on about Margate) (and breakfast cereals)
7. Tracey Eminem (Head Bedhead and Liver Whittler)
8. Ronnie Corbett (runs kiosk on East Cliff)
9. The Fat Bloke From Bad Manners
10. Kate Moss's Daughter's Grandparents
11. Barmy Army Chief Sir Richard Donut (went to school in Ramsgate)
12. Former Met Head Sir John Stevens (also went to school in Ramsgate)
13. Tom Hanks (not 100% about this one)

Blimey, I've excelled myself. Although maybe I've scraped the barrel a bit with one or two of them.

Of course, a quick stroll around the graveyard exhumes yet more alumni:

Charles Dickens
The Plug-ins (Ralph and Nigel)
B.M.W Turner (custom paint jobs)
Ted Heath
Frank Muir
Karl Marx (came here to cure his boils)
Mr Pfizer (came here to boil his cures)
Queen Victoria
Arthur Lowe
John Le Measurier
Eric Morecambe (got married in Margate)
Ronnie Biggs (came to Margate for the smell)

On second thoughts, I don't think the last one's croaked yet. Sorry Ronnie. (Cripes, I think I'm in deeper trouble now. Where's Fat Kev when you need him?)


Mori Bund said...

Ted Heath dead!? That's come as a shock I can tell you. So what's happened to the orchestra then?

Eastcliff Richard said...

David Cameron's leading what's left of them (mostly just the wind section).

Jeremy Jacobs said...

What no Jack Warner. Kingsgate's most famous ex-resident. Tsk, tsk Richard.

Evening all

Dane Valley Ted said...

what aboutHattie Jacques?
She lived in Grange Rd for many years and was one of the nicest women I have ever met.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Any more anyone? I'm compiling the definitive list.

aussie bird said...

Rosetti and Van Gogh

Dane Valley Ted said...

Peter Barkworth(actor) was born in Margate, Kent on 14 January 1929,Died Oct 2006

The stage and film actor Trevor Howard was born in Cliftonville in 1916. "Brief Encounter" in 1945, "The Third Man" in 1949 and "Sons and Lovers" in 1960 were among his film successes.

Reg Bolton,Born in Margate died aged 60,He was a clown, teacher, director, actor and writer.

Dame Lilian Braithwaite was an English actress.
She was born in 1873 at Ramsgate, Kent and died in 1948.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Blimey, Ted, you've been putting in the spadework. I was planning to have them all tattoed up my right arm, but now it looks as if I'll have to have them all down my left arm as well.

John Buchan said...

From "The Story of Broadstairs and St Peter's" (James E. Bird 1974 ): Charles Hamilton,alias Frank Richards, creator of the Fat Owl of the Reform (aka Billy Bunter)finished his term in Broadstairs. Crikey! Fancy Dickie not knowing that one fellows.
I will expect the usual postal order in the post.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Already in the mail, John. And, of course, you yourself wrote your famous novel The 39 Steps in Broadstairs, where the said steps can still be viewed, I believe.

Should we also include Bruce Robinson (Withnail and I), and that composer chappie, Richard Rodney Delboy Bennett?

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Dane Valley Ted says that Hattie Jacques lived in Margate. Certainly her mother did. I met Hattie at a fete at the Royal Seabathing Hospital.Must have been in 1969 or 70. My mother worked there for many years.

Also, didn't Mr Pastry( Richard Hearn )live nearby.

Of course, the great Frank Muir was born in the Derby Pub, just by the viaduct in Margate Road, Ramsgate.

There's more, I'm certain......

Dave said...

Ear, Ear, what about Van Gough in Royal Road and Collis Brownes plaque on a house in Victoria Road, Ramsgate. Excellent place to visit if you have the runs!

Some years ago Ronnie Corbett stayed in a house in Albion Street, Broadstairs and as a builder I had that task of removing all doors and frames and installing the same but half the size.

Anonymous said...

Stella Maris has quite a good selection of famous Dickensians in its history section. It's actually a pretty good site all round.

Dane Valley Ted said...

I actually meant grange rd in Ramsgate,sorry if that was not clear

Birch bather said...

What about 'Dominic Savage' Bafta winning film and TV director, son of Tony Savage cliftonville organist.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Dominic Savage went to my secondary school (Charles Dickens). Jeffrey Calvert ("We are going to Barbados") went to my now defunct primary school, Honiton House. Nick Wilton, who did soem comedy with Jasper Carrott also went there.

Ronnie Corbett and Ronnie Barkers famous four candles sketch was inspired,alledgedly, by that old-fashioned Ironmongers shop in Broadstairs

Dane Valley Ted said...

Eric Richard,Actor, born Margate 27/6/1940
Sgt. Bob Cryer-The Bill

GARY PALLISTER-footballer, Birthplace: Ramsgate,
born 30.6.65

Rebecca Nichols,actress,born Ramsgate

Eastcliff Richard said...

Ted, I've only got two arms!

Anonymous said...

hattie jacques didnt live in grange road i think she lived in callis court road st peters