Monday, October 09, 2006

North Thanet Lets One Off

North Thanet has made good on its threat to carry out a pre-emptive strike of its biological 'stink bomb', provoking a strong reaction from South Thanet leaders.

The device was let off in Broadstairs harbour last week, creating a similar stench to the North Thanet test site in Margate Harbour. Previously it was thought that North Thanet lacked the technology to deliver the bomb, but experts now believe that boffins in Cecil Square have made a breakthrough, and could soon be targeting other beauty spots on the Ile.

Full story in the Isle of Thanet Gazunder.


Lucy Mail said...

I did hear a rumour that these weapons of mass distraction are being carted around Thanet on The Loop and that the police are about to bring it all to a halt with a mission called 'operation bus stop'.

Isn't that where you get off for the hospital?

aussie bloke said...

I was at the craft fair in the pavillion yesterday and I'll tell you mate, the whiff outside was unbearable.