Sunday, October 29, 2006

Pick-A-Dicky Circus

The Gazunder's Smudger reports the recent contretemps between myself and Dr Morose, and ends by saying 'presumably it has nothing to do with the rather coarse description ('Steaming Great Tw*t' ©2006 Ram Skate Raider) of Dr Moores which was carried on the front page of the Eastcliff Matters blog for some time.'

Eastcliff Matters? Eastcliff Matters?? Either Smudger's conducting a fishing expedition to catch the real me, or it's a Freudian slip, and they've actually convinced themselves I'm the viridescent one!

I don't think Councillor G would be too happy with that.

By the way, where have the councillor's links to other Thanet bloggers gone? And he hasn't commented on anyone else's blog for weeks. Do you think he's been got at again by the council's self-appointed censor? I think we should be told.


Jeremy Jacobs said...

Where does this article appear. The Isle of Thanet Gazette?

Iris Johnston - that well known supporter of Margate Football Club and those Nimby's nearby in the hartsdown area who "don't want football".

Anonymous said...

That Smegurd is always getting things mixed up. Don't know why the Gazzette bothers to employ him.
Not unusual for them to be flogging a dead source, though.

Lucy Mail said...

I'll bet the wrestling fans take all of his nonsense in and get quite outraged.
And hey, it's no good blaming poor old RSR for your onslaught. You being a pillar of the community and him being an irresponsible buffoon.
I think you led the poor lad astray!

Eastcliff Richard said...

A pillar in short trousers. Anyway, RSR's bigger than me, and he's got harder conkers.

Anonymous said...

I think RSR may have harder conkers than yours. But are they bigger?
And poor old 'Biggles' ain't not none at all!

'MR X'

The Angina Monologues said...

PIllar? Pillock, more like.

Lucy Mail said...

Even if he is a pillock, he's got a good heart and can stand on his own two feet!

Eastcliff Richard said...

Make that three. They don't call me Eastcliff Tripod for nothing! Actually they don't call me that. Oh dear, I seem to have descended to the schoolboy level again.