Sunday, October 01, 2006

Hello, Hello, It's Good To Be Back

Dear old Ramsgate hasn't changed that much in my absence. A quick sticky beak reveals:

1. Eastcliff Bandstand successfully transformed into Mother Ship from Close Encounters Of The Third Kind.
2. Granville Fountain suffering from a severe case of Clostridium Difficile.
3. More cyclone fencing along the cliff top, presumably as the rest of the thing heads beachwards.

Yep, there's no place like home!


Eastcliff Richard said...

Erm, didn't mean to imply by the title of this post that I'd been to Cambodia for my hols. Just, you know, Cannes and around.

Dane Valley Ted said...

Welcome Home,
With Dr Moores packing it in you will have to be,
"The Leader of The Gang"

sfdretywu said...

He's about as likely to 'pack it in' as a meat pie manufacturer.
Though he did state that he wouldn't be doing the Hokey Cokey like his pal ECR.
He offered that he's been neglecting his other projects. Well, if he's talking about zentelligence, so has everyone else.
Though I believe that The Thanet Bloglist did contribute on one occasion!

Eastcliff Richard said...

Alas poor Biggles. What happened there, then? Couldn't he take the flak?