Saturday, October 14, 2006

Oakleigh Doakleigh

Nope, Ramsgate is definitely the place to invest, as evidenced by the announcement this week of planning permission for another 6000 luxury apartments and several five star hotels on the old Pleasurama site.

And Oakleigh Developments, those nice people who lovingly restored the Granville here on the East Cliff, this week erected a new, er, sign.

Why not take a look at their website, I thought. It's there on the sign: Can't see it? No, neither could I. Must be awaiting planning permission.

Although that's not the case with Phase 2 of the Granville development, round the back, which has had planning permission for some time. Ever curious, I thought I'd take to my twin-engined Squirrel, get above the hoardings, and sneak a peak at how things were progressing...

Hmmm... about the same as their website, it would seem.

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Artyblartfast said...

A porperty developer with a hotmail account, how queer.