Sunday, October 15, 2006

Beach Ball Jugglers

Picture the scene. The mean streets of Broadstairs on a Saturday night. It's 11.30, the pubs are turning out. The sound of drunken revelry and spewing cuts through the October air.

But the Dickensians can sleep soundly in their beds. The cops have got it covered. They know where the trouble spots are. They're poised for action - on the beach at Dumpton Gap.

Well that's where they emerged from in their Kent Police Transit as I was doing a bit of a nocturnal reccie in the Smart Car last night. I can't recall ever seeing anything bigger than a bicycle making it up that steep slope from the Dumpton Gap prom, let alone an enormous van full of Kent's finest.

Judiciously avoiding the horrors of Albion Street on a Saturday night, they turned left up Boredstares High Street, heading straight back to HQ. Needless to say, the convoy of cars packed with beer-sodden youths that were by then behind them pulled over until the coast was clear.


Snailspace said...

No change there then.
Wait till the troubles over and arrest the survivors

Eastcliff Richard said...

And there's no point wasting time keeping the peace when there's good fishing to be had, I suppose.