Friday, October 20, 2006

Call Me A Septic

Just caught a report on our local TV news about the delights of Norfolk, Virginia, and how we're all going to be jetting there from RAF London Kent Manston International Airport.

But I'm not so sure the KCC marketing team who've been out there trying to persuade the Yanks to get their rather substantial bums on the return flights have done such a good job.

Asked whether there would be a demand from Americans to sample the delights of the Garden of England, the US travel agent charged with flogging the tickets replied: "Yes, I'm sure they'll want to come and see, for example, Canterbury Castle. Er, Cathedral."

So that they know what they'll be coming to see, I've published a photo of Canterbury Castle Er Cathedral above.


Nethercourt said...

No doubt about it, we need Cleese as our tourism minister.....

Lucy Mail said...

Lordy, that was quite amusing Nevercaught. And I did enjoy the quote at the bottom of the page, though not by Cleese (as, perhaps, the rest of it wasn't), that went "This island is made mainly out of coal and surrounded by fish.Only an organising genius could produce a shortage of both at the same time". - Aneurin Bevan, talking about the Tory partys ineptitude in the 40's