Monday, February 22, 2010

Parking? Fine!

Finding myself short of folding ahead of my trip to the Baftas yesterday, I resorted to an old trick to raise a few sponds.

I shouldn't really be giving away trade secrets, but what the heck! There's money to be made, and why shouldn't I share my bounty with you? Donning my captain's cap and brass buttoned blazer, and armed with a notebook and digital camera, I made my way down to the Western Undercliff next to Port Ramsgate where the foreign lorries illegally park. There was a pretty good crop ready to be harvested:

Most of the drivers were dozing in their cabs, but my camera, notebook and official demeanour soon got their attention, and it was quite easy to explain in pidgin English that they were facing a €100 fine if they failed to hand over €10 on the spot for the, er, parking fee. I netted €120 before the rest got the jitters and moved on!

Flush with cash, I treated myself to a glass of fizz at the St Pancras champagne bar when I arrived in the smoke! Well, there's no chance of Kent Highways or our beloved council performing this service, so the way I figure it I'm doing everyone a favour, myself included. Go on, fill yer boots! There's enough gold in that there undercliff for everyone!


Anonymous said...

you may as well tell us all how to profit using blogs as I notice our KCC man Robert Burgess tries to sell his kitchens on his blog

Robert Burgess - KCC Councillor
Margate West, the communities of Garlinge, Westbrook and Westgate on sea

Richard Eastcliff said...

No kitchens or other stuff to flog on my blog. No party poltical axe to grind. No pesky Google ads.

Just the plain and simple truth!

Anonymous said...

But has he declared his Kitchen company in his KCC register of interests? His employment section is entered as 'NONE'. But on the other hand one KCC councillor claims to be a director of a company that was dissolved a year ago and has failed to file accounts since 2005. An offence I believe.

Anonymous said...

Here is a better one ECR, tape up parking machines in Margate its a wizard weez.

Talking of parking in Margate watch out if you park in the parking lot at Dreamland without paying, as a whole lot of clamping is going on!!!