Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Little White Dot

In Memoriam
Kent TV
A brave and bold innovation

So farewell
Then, Kent TV.

'The new internet channel for everyone living and working in Kent'
That was your

I never watched.
Nor did
Anyone else.

Your boss
Bob Geldof
Said Margate
Was ugly.

My former friend
Bignews Tony
Said you were

You sent him
A nasty letter.

E. C. Richard (29)


Anonymous said...

All the channel needed to do was flash a bit of titty (not Bob Geldof's, though we could get a bit of a laugh from Tony's moobs), every now and again, and they'd be laughing all the way to the wank, er, bank.

Anonymous said...

Kent TV's gone. Good. Whose going to repay the moenyt that was wasted on it?

Next thread. I've heard that TDC is planning to sell Albion House for £200,000. I've had a look at the property and I think it's got to be worth about ten times that amount. How do I go about putting a bid in myself? Who are the agents? Isn't the Council obliged to get best value for assets it disposes of? If so, I'm happy to put in a better offer.

Anonymous said...

Well its over for KCC
but maybe not for KentTV.com. The present contractor say they may made a bid to keep it going as a commercial enterprise.

Since KCC has spent £1.8 millions on this project I take it that a lot of this was on the making of the videos. KCC cannot just offer these to the current contractor. They must put the sale of such material and the www.kenttv.com name out to tender. Maybe Bignews will put in a bid!

Anonymous said...

Yup a knock down price from a knock down price.

No for sale board, no agent?

So the price goes down from 400K to 200K.

Albion house goes for a song.

asses are dealing with the asset sale.

And don't even get me on the subject of the curtain runners and the missing 106 money?

Anonymous said...

Bob Geldof the GateKeeper

May be Gilroy could dip into his £200,000 Tory back hander !

after all he did write to Lord Laming offering to write a piece for the CONservative party ?


Thought officers were supposed to be A- political , especially being the highest paid chief executive in the country

Bertie Biggles said...

Surely it would make sense for RTC to purchase this building if they are proposing to rent Custom House for £40,000 per annum? Convert the top floors into one or two large penthouses, sell om 99yr lease and funding for new facilities for RTC in the building, can then be paid for. Simples?

Anonymous said...

I think RTC have already thought of that!

Anonymous said...

I'll pay £260,000 for the building. Where do I go to put my bid in?

Anonymous said...

Talk in the Customs Bakery is that its a snip at 270K.

Then there is always the fast tracked heritage grant so the developer can really cash in at more public expense....wasttttttters.

Anonymous said...

I'll go to £280,000. Who will take my bid?

Anonymous said...

I'll go £300K.

But still no word on who you approach. Judging by other asset sales TDC now handles them themselves maybe a telephone call to them?