Thursday, February 04, 2010

Eddie, Steady, Go!

More plaudits for Eddie Gilbert's Ramsgate restaurant, this time from famous foodie bloggers the Dos Hermanos!

After yours truly left a mention of EG's on an item about their visit to Age & Sons last year, the Hermanos decided to hop on the high speed train to the Millionaires' Playground and were well impressed. Here's their take on the starter:

Eel Soldiers and Duck Egg is a deceptively simple dish but to get it spot-on requires technique and timing: the egg must have soft, soft yolk and a solid albumen and the fingers of Eel must be deep-fried in oil that is hot enough, then drained and served immediately. The kitchen aced it. They even managed to fashion an aesthetically pleasing crack in the eggshell. Damn they’re good, was all I could think as I crunched through crisp coating into the deeply smoky eel flesh inside.

Click here to read the entire review on Dos Hermanos

Meanwhile, our other top Eddie, the Gaddfather of Ale, appears to be making steady progress with upsizing his brewery. I've had my team of crack animators imagineering a superdupercomputer CGI conceptualisation of the finished fermentery, and here's the Avatar-like result! Is it me, or does one of the protagonists bear an uncanny resemblance to Ramsgate Firster Gerry O'Donnell?

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