Monday, February 15, 2010

Tut And Car Moan

With the nippers off school this week, it's impossible to tool around town without being accosted by budding entrepreneurs flogging off bits of old electrical tut. Today I was offered an old mobile phone, then an Xbox game, both for a tenner. Still, it's good to see members of the Young Ramsgate Millionaires' Club taking their cue from Sralan, I suppose.

These days I usually drive the old jalopy the five minute walk into town. After all, the parking's free, seeing as there are never any traffic wardens about!


Anonymous said...

You abviously look like a mann of means ;-)

Anonymous said...

There are traffic wardens about, but I don't think they're paid on a commission, like elsewhere.
In Dover, they'll slap a ticket on you, while you're at the ticket machine, trying to remember your car registration.
I think they could be getting a tenner a car.

Anonymous said...

I'm not for Rottweiler traffic wardens but surely TDC/KCC are missing a trick here? Even if they gently policed parking in the towns and put tickets on the most obvious abusers they'd stand to make a fortune even after they'd paid the wardens?

As it stands people are getting away with murder and causing a great deal of thoughtless obstruction and grief.

Tony Beachcomber said...

I always save my 5p's and pay my car parking with them, if everybody did that the machines will fill up quicker and not function. Anyway all those 5p's will piss them off.