Sunday, February 07, 2010

Tory Candidate Home And Dry Say Tories

Hurrah! With the General Election not even announced yet, the Blue Rinsers have already installed my favourite yummy Tory as the South Thanet MP!

According to an article on the Conservativehome website today, lovely Laura Sandys is one of 51 candidates that 'have been selected for the seats where Conservative MPs are standing down, or where boundary changes have created new Conservative seats or converted existing ones into Conservative seats.' Here's the full SP:

Good to see my old TV chums Fiona Bruce and Esther MvVey, and Caroline Dinenage, daughter of my very old TV chum Fred, on the list to boot.

So, who needs to bother with a troublesome and expensive democratic process, when all you have to do is declare your candidate the winner!?!? Dr Ladyman, the sitting Labour MP, will now just have to pack up his 664 majority and bugger off back to wherever he came from! Hurrah for Laura!! Hurrah for David Cameron!!! Hurrah for Maggie!!! Hurrah for Ted Heath!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Technically, South Thanet is classed as a Tory seat despite currently having a Labour MP, because of the boundary changes.

With Cliftonville now included but not Dane Valley, despite what the woman seems to think with her leafleting, it is on paper, a Tory seat so if the 'blonde bombshell' wins, it's not a 'gain' but the 'status quo'.

Well, that's what they might think. With her ever-growing list of gaffes including praising 'my party for voting against the plan to move to the Custom House from Albion House for the town council', I wonder.

She seems to have over-looked the fact it's her party at TDC that let Albion House decay and who now look to try to sell it off to a developer.

She trips along with Roger Gale to events to which she's not even been invited, never says anything but smiles a great deal.

She also puts out press releases and leaflets decrying what is, in many cases, her own party's politicies, tries to tell us 'we have no plans at present to...' when her own party has said they do have such plans, tries to say Sure Start centres are safe when her own party plans to close all but those in the poorest areas, and let's not forget the nonsense over the air/sea rescue facility at Manston. I could go on but hardly need to.

If she wins the seat we'll never see her as she'll retreat to her usual habitat, the London social scene.

Vote anything but Tory, folk of S. Thanet or you'll live to regret it.

Anonymous said...

Such arrogance on the Conservative's part. This is one of the reasons why they got dumped at three recent elections.

Anonymous said...

A big blue raspberry to the Conservative Toffs. Its a bit pointless, this voting lark - a bit like the current government and of course TDC.

There are more reasons not to vote than to vote.

Richard Eastcliff said...

Hurrah for the Boundary Commission then, 8:15am!

tony flaig bignews said...

RE Euroferries next story
No wonder your under "continuing legal threat"

If my experience is anything to go by you don't have any sense of proportion or no when to stop

I've actually stayed away from your blog for some time (so I haven't a clue what the gripe is) , but sympathise with you and Euroferries for this reason you have a right to comment and conjecture about Euroferries but then they presumably have a right to protect what reputation they have.

As one of your targets (see your side bar) you accuse me of shitting my britches over freedom of speech, not true, what I don't do of course is comment about that which I haven't thought about, as is the case with your legal problems.

Also in your side bar you make this statement "If you disagree with something you read, feel free to leave a comment to that effect. If you want to take it further, a friendly request for a correction or addition, stating your reasons, will almost certainly get better results, and cost you less, than instructing a lawyer"

Which I assume had not come into effect when I asked you to remove damaging comments from your blog back in September which of course remain at this time.

Also I didn't appreciate being called a C*** back in October.

Your entitled to your anonymity, which you accused me of wishing to reveal, not true but since people know I know your identity I wish they would just stop sending emails we think ECR is XYZ well no he isn't he is just a well meaning delusional ****!

Remember if a posting doesn't say "tony flaig bignews" its probably written by some half wit light weight trying to discredit me like ...

A Bruce said...

That's not the Fiona Bruce off the telly you narna she's a solicitor from Congleton.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you have the tory TDC to thank for LD lines comming to Ramsgate soon . (yourthanet}

Richard Eastcliff said...

Probably nothing to do with them. LD would have made a commercial decision based on numbers, not some BS from OBE.

Anonymous said...

By 'half wit light weight', do you mean someone in good physical condition, who's twice as clever as you, Mr Knows When To Stop Man?

Lucy Mail said...

On second thoughts, I'll sign that one.
So Richard gets the blame! :)